N16 - Protest the Trans Atlantic Business Dialogue - Cincinnati!

by CDAC Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2000 at 1:56 AM

Protest the Trans Atlantic Business Dialogue Summit November 16-18 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The TABD is a group of 200 American and European CEO's and government officials which will be meeting to prepare trade proposals to present at the next round of the WTO talks. Over 50% of their trade proposals have been passed by the WTO in the past. Come to Cincinnati to let them know we are against their undemocratic policies and structure, that we're against corporate globalization, we're for environmental protection, worker's rights, indigenous rights, and the globalization of JUSTICE! Be in Cincinnati for N16

Hi! I'm writing to you from Cincinnati, site of the upcoming Protests in Cincinnati, Ohio against the Trans Atlantic Business Dialogue. Cincinnati was picked because it is in the middle of the midwest, a conservative city, and is also a corporate town. Cincinnati houses the world headquarters for Proctor & Gamble and Chiquita Banana, which are all very close to where the TABD summit will be held. There is also a GAP and Starbucks in the same building as the Omni Netherlands. There are several themes with which to protest corporate globalization while

in Cincinnati. Gap (sweatshops/old growth forest issues); Starbucks (a living wage for coffee growers around the world!); Chiquita (worker's rights); Proctor and Gamble (Animal Rights). But, these aren't the only themes. Please check http://www.n16.org/ for more information

on CDAC's plans in November (includes housing, medical, carpool message board, TABD info, local info, Art and Rev. and more). We hope you can make it to Cincinnati for N16. If your organization would like to endorse CDAC's

(Cincinnati Direct Action Collective - N16) Call to Action please let us know by emailing your endorsement to cdac3@hotmail.com. Please help us advertise N16 by forwarding this to your activist friends, list servs, or by posting a link or the Call to Action (below) on your website. If you would like to join the list serv send a blank message to CincinnatiDA-subscribe@egroups.com. We hope to see you in November! Please feel free to email CDAC at cdac3@hotmail.com.




November 16-18, the Trans Atlantic Business Dialogue (TABD) will be having their annual CEO conference in Downtown Cincinnati, Ohio at the Omni Netherlands Hotel. European Union Parliament, U.S.congress, and more than 200 American and European CEOs and business leaders will

meet to talk about issues that impact transatlantic trade and develop recommendations on how to best boost global trade and investment.

The T.A.B.D. makes recommendations that will set the tone for World Trade Organization policy. Over 50% of T.A.B.D. recommendations have been adopted for the WTO. One such corporation in attendance at the conference, BASF, who

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