Bus Riders Union and the MTA

by Enoch Luz Wednesday, Sep. 20, 2000 at 7:37 PM

A short Report from the Saturday Bus Riders Union meeting regarding the MTA strike

Remembering that Solidarity with all working folks is the real backbone of any real social change, the Bus Riders Union (BRU) met Saturday to report and plan their strategy of how to deal with the MTA drivers strike that has stoped most of the public transportation in all LA.

There was a clear understanding that the BRU would be supporting the drivers, who are now feeling the brunt of the MTA's attempts to steamline and privatize their business, uh er, transportation system. Several organizers of the BRU saw the MTA's successfull attempts to force a strike by the drivers as an attempt to break up both the drivers unions and the BRU, forcing both groups into a corner where the public does not support their efforts. So far, the consensus among those present was that the MTA hhas little public credibility and the union has a chance.

The BRU has decided to organize rallies in support of the strikers and to ste4m the tide of the MTA's privatization and cost-cutting efforts. Members of the BRU said that they would walk the pickets in solidarity with the striking unions. If the message gets out there that working folks will stand with one and other againstgreedy bosses, it was suggested, a strong message would be sent that once again, the LA Union movement is on a roll.

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