come to the 2004 presidential protests

by rebelrouzer Wednesday, Aug. 16, 2000 at 6:26 PM

come to the 2004 presidential protests, already being planned by a stuttering mumbling mayor manino

With the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles hardly begun, Mayor Tom Menino has already started working to bring the convention to Boston in 2004.

"I'm working with DNC people, party regulars and everyone just to see if we can put a foot in the ground and make sure that we have the opportunity in 2004," Menino told WBZ NewsRadio.

Massachusetts delegates wore hats Monday night that read "Boston 2004" on the front, and Menino said the city, which was a runner-up to Los Angeles for this year's convention, will be better suited for such an event four years from now because the Big Dig will nearly be completed and the new convention center will be finished.

But Menino said the lobbying has to begin now.

"We're going to put an exploratory team together right after the election to start working on 2004 convention," he said.

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