Come help shut down the OAS!

by The OAS Shutdown Coalition Deinformants Thursday, May. 18, 2000 at 2:26 AM 416-643-0837

The Organization of American States is holding their General Assembly in Windsor, Ontario from June 4th-6th. Come fight for democracy and help shut this meeting down!

More and more, we hear that corporate globalization is inevitable, yet the last 7 months have seen an explosion of direct democracy against that very system. People everywhere are realizing that corporate globalization is working solely in the interest of the rich while fueling increased worldwide poverty, environmental destruction, and violence.

The Organization of American States is meeting in Windsor Ontario this June. In reaction, people from all over will be gathering in Windsor to collectively voice out against the OAS.

The agenda of the OAS is to accelerate globalization

through the privatization of public services and resources, the deregulation of trade, environmental and labour laws, and the financial backing of military regimes and corporate paramilitaries who indiscriminately crush those who speak out against OAS policies or stand in the way of investment.

Come to Windsor to help shut down the OAS meetings and

show corporate rule what real democracy looks like.

The week of actions starts June 1st with three days of teach-ins and trainings, and the shutdown goes from June 4th to 6th. For more information, check out, email, or call the hotline at 416-643-0837. Buses are currently being organized from different regions so call for your local contact, or organize your own affinity group to come to Windsor!

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