Updated Partial List Of Famous Vegetarians, Vegans, & Fruitarians

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Some abstain from mammal, bird and fish flesh. Others also say no to eggs and dairy. Still others are fruitarians because of plant sentience, highest acreage yield, healthiest food, least energy in production etc. These kind diets are expanding geometrically.

A partial list of the world's hundreds of millions of practitioners of nonviolent diet There are 540 million vegetarians in India alone Not included for space reasons are millions of animal rights vegetarian and vegan activists. Recent polls indicate 12% of millennials are among the 16 million American vegetarians and vegans.


Hank Aaron (755 home runs 2297 rbi's champion in major league baseball)

Lizzie Armitstead Olympic cyclist won silver medal in 2012 Olympics

B J Armstrong (US Basketball star)

Lance Armstrong who conquered cancer..his livestrong website has been contaminated since others took it over

Anthony Aurelius martial arts

Roger Bannister first man to break 4 minute mile

Al Beckles (body builder)

Sorya Bonali (ice skater)

Brendan Brazier, Canadian vegan ironman triathlete

Les Brown (veteran runner) 10

Peter Burwash (tennis) lost a tennis match once because he refused to step on a column of ants on the court

Andreas Cahling Swedish body builder was on cover of Vegetarian Times

Chris Campbell (1980 world champion wrestler)

Austin Carr Cleveland Cavaliers basketball one of 3 vegetarians on his team then

Joanna Conway (ice skater)

Todd Crandell vegan Ironman

Sylvia Cranston (triathlete)

Alexander Dargatz body builder

Novak Đoković world's number 1 tennis champion has opened vegan restaur.

Meagan Duhamel Vegan two-time world champion Canadian figure skater 20

Barny Du Plessis, Mr. Universe

Sally Eastall (Marathon runner - UK No 2, vegan)

Di Edwards (runner, Olympic semi-finalist)

Cory Everson (bodybuilder, Ms Olympia 6 times)

Chris Evert, tennis champion

Kendrick Farris vegan weightlifter in Rio Olympics

Prince Fielder baseball Milwaukee Braves, Detroit Tigers, Texas Rangers

Katie Fitzgibbon (marathon runner)

Clare Francis (sailor and novelist)

Louis Freitas (body builder) 30

Dick Gregory worked with Dr King, writer, comic, saint (ran 3000 miles across US on his fruitarian diet)

Tony Gonzalez Kansas City Chiefs 17 years in NFL became a vegan after contracting Bell's Palsy and following several doctors' advice.

Goose Gossage San Diego Padres, suspended for saying McDonald's was poisoning the world with cheeseburgers

Carol Gould (marathon runner)

Estelle Gray (cyclist)

Sammy Green (runner)

Lewis Hamilton British driver

Larry Hagman of Dallas etc., son of Mary Martin (Peter Pan)

Ruth Heidrich (6-time Ironwoman finisher, marathoner, , Pres. Vegetarian Society of Honolulu 40

Sally Hibberd (British Women's Mountain Bike Champion)

Dustin Hinton vegan ironman

Sharon Hounsell (Miss Wales Bodybuilding Champion)

Desmond Howard (formerly w/Washington Redskins, now w/Jacksonville Jaguars)

Roger Hughes (Welsh National Ski Champion)

Anton Innauer Olympic skier

Kyrie Irving NBA basketball champion vegan

Billie Jean King (tennis champion)

David Johnson (BAA coach)

Kathy Johnson (Olympic Gymnast) 50

Alan Jones (British ski jumper)

Alan Jones, Captain Usmc 17003 consecutive pushups world record

Kuntal Joisher Nepali vegan mountain climber

Colin Kaepernick football player and equality activist

Killer Kowalski wrestler

Jack LaLanne (Fitness guru) (vegan)

Donnie LaLonde (Former Light Heavyweight Champion of the World.

John Landy 2nd man to break 4 minute mile

Tony LaRussa (Manager of St. Louis Cardinals - US team) Source: Peta, Animals – 45

Silken Laumann (Olympic rower) Source: Cooking Television Show

Debbi Lawrence an Olympic race walker in the 1992, 1996 and 2000 Olympics 60

Judy Leden (British, European & World Hang Gliding champion)

Avi Lehyani vegan bodybuilder

Marv Levey (Buffalo Bills Coach)

Carl Lewis, Olympic champion 10 times gold medal winner in track and field

Jack Maitland (triathlete and fell runner)

Cheryl Marek (cyclist)

Leslie Marx (fencer;1996 woman's epee national champion)

Kirsty McDermott (runner)

Lindford McFarquar (body builder)

Robert Millar (cyclist) 70

Morgan Mitchell, Australian vegan Olympian team

Katherine Monbiot (world champion arm wrestler and nutritionist) (vegan) Source: The Vegan Society UK

Monika Montsho (weightlifter, 2 x runnerup GB Championships 60kg, NW woman weightlifter of the year 1991)

Edwin Moses

Jutta Müller (multiple Windsurfing World Cup Champion) Source: Flutlicht 95/6/18 on

Leilani Munter vegan race car driver

Adam Myerson cyclist

Joe Namath football player

Martina Navratilova (Retired Tennis Champion) Source: Magazine Interviews/Genesis

Julie Ann Niewiek (Basketball commentator) Source: Grand Rapids press/ Image Mag 80

Paavo Nurmi

Fiona Oakes vegan marathon runner

Robert Parish basketb player (Center - Warriors, Celtics, Hornets, Bulls) Source: Hearsay

Bill Pearl (Bodybuilder, Mr America) Source: Getting Stronger by Bill Pearl, pg 399

Anthony Peeler (NBA Grizzlies basketball player) Source: NBA web site profiles

Bernadette Peters

Sugar Ray Leonard)) Source: Article in San Jose Mercury News

Theo Riddick,, running back for Detroit Lions vegan

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers quarterback, vegan on a cheesehead team

Dennis Rodman (Basketball for Bulls) Source: Oprah, episode sometime in May, 1996 90

Rich Roll called by a magazine the world's fittest vegan

Murray Rose champion Australian swimmer

April Ross volleyball player 2016 Olympics

Dave Scott, 6 times winner of Ironman triathlon

Kelly Slater World Surf League Champion 11 times

Debbie Spaeth-Herring (Georgia State power-lifter) Source: A Teen's Guide to Going

Lucy Stephens (triathlete - vegan)

Reiss Taylor UK proboxer and vegan

Ed Templeton Skateboarder

Mike Tyson Boxer

Jacques Vaughn (All American point guard, #1-ranked Univ of KS Jayhawks) Source: Lawrence (KS) Journal World

Neal Walk, center for the New York Knickerbockers

Anu Vidya vegan 1st woman to climb Mt Everest

Emil Voigt In 1908 British runner who won the Olympic 5-mile race as a vegetarian, and

Kirsty Wade (runner)

Bill Walton Portland Trailblazers basketball

Johnny Weissmuller played Tarzan broke 6 world swimming records as a vegetarian

Serena Williams, champion tennis star

Abdullah Zeinab winner of the 550 km race across Australia 108



Photographer Peggy Bostick

Leonardo Da Vinci a fruitarian say those who have analyzed his notebooks

Vincent Van Gogh wrote his brother after seeing an abbatoir he was eating no meat


Peter Max

Elizabeth Hoare

Bee Doerfler

G MacCrae

Yehudi Menuhin master violinist and courageous worker for peace

Alexi Lubomirski—Polish prince and photographer 10



Chandra Bose, who demonstrated a radio in the 1890's in Calcutta before Marconi (mit dot edu)

Albert Einstein ate 1 bit of meat annually on a Jewish holiday to appease his wife

Benjamin Franklin (a vegetarian when he discovered electricity... later

in life in Paris he said he was harmed by venison and venery)

Jane Goodall, PhD

Sylvester Graham, inventor of Graham crackers

Alex Hershaft, PhD concentration camp survivor and founder of the Meatout

Dr David Jenkins, inventor of the glycemic index

Isaac Newton in later years

Ramanujan, renowned mathematician

Dr Richard Schwartz, mathematician

Nikola Tesla, inventor of alternating current whose 17 patents were used by Marconi in making his radio 11


Spiritual Leaders

Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman, Swedenborgian missionary)

Annie Besant Theosophical Society

Bible Christian Church 1809-1930


Ching Hai, Buddhist spiritual leader and founder of world's largest vegan restaurant chain

Christians for the first 3 centuries after Jesus' death.. until Constantine became emperor

Clement of Alexandria

Rev. William Cowherd, founder of the Bible Christian Church in 1809

The Druse of Lebanon

The Dukhobors, vegetarian followers of Leo Tolstoy who emigrated to Canada

Essene community of which Jesus a member

Father John Dear, Jesuit priest and board of War Resisters

Father Mario Mazzoleni, formerly of Vatican Radio

Francis of Assisi

Rev. Franklin Graham, son of Billy, has become a vegan, he announced to thousands.

General John Booth Salvation Army founder

General Bramwell Booth Salvation Army

Guru Nanak, founder of the Sikhs

Hazrat Inayat Khan, founder of Sufis

Dexter Scott King, son of Martin Luther King

Jesus of Nazareth, the Essene who as a Nazarene took the Nazarite vow

John the Baptist (ate not locusts but locust bean pods)



Benjamin Lay, 18th century Quaker pacifist vegan

Mahavira, founder of the Jains

Mary, mother of Jesus (according to the Gospel of Mary)

Thomas Merton



Padre Pio

Peace Pilgrim

Rama vegetarian avatar, fruitarian while exiled in the forest


Carl Reiner, 35

David Rosen, former Chief Rabbi of Ireland

Saint Anthony of Padua

Saint Basil

Saint Jerome, author of the Latin Vulgate

Saint John Chrysostom

Saint Paul (took the Nazarite vow)

Sister Catherine Walsh of the Catholic Worker

Sri Sathya Sai Baba, one of 2 Poornavatars

Sri Yukteswar, author of the fruitarian book The Holy Science

Sufis many

Swami Prabhupada founder of Hare Krishnas of Iskcon

Emanuel Swedenborg

Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Buddhist nominated for Nobel Peace Prize


John Wesley founder of Methodists

Ellen White founder of 7th Day Adventists

Paramahansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi

All Avatars (including Rama, Krishna, Sathya Sai Baba)

All Self Realized masters

Hundreds of thousands of Buddhist monks, Hindu yogis, Catholic saints etc. 55


Spiritual Communities


The Druse of Lebanon are Muslim vegetarians

Hunzas of Tibet

Iskcon, the Hare Krishnas, around the world serve several million free vegetarian meals daily

Japanese Buddhist temples are vegetarian

Vilcabamba of Ecuador

The Farm Summertown Tennessee

Seventh Day Adventist charity reliief around the world is vegan

Virtually every Hindu ashram in the world is vegetarian 9



Shmuel Yosef Agnon

Bronson Alcott, founder of a fruitarian community, Fruitlands, and father of Louisa May Alcott

Louisa May Alcott, author of Uncle Tom's Cabin

Nathaniel Altman of the Theosophical Society

Francis Bacon, believed by many to be William Shakespeare... and later St Germain

Janet Barkas, author and editor of a publishing house

Stan and Jan Berenstain, authors of Berenstain Bears chldren's books

Annie Besant of the Theosophical Society

Mark Braunstein, author of Radical Vegetarian

George Gordon Byron (called Lord by the British)

Glenn Allen Carrico

Rachel Carson

J. M. Coetzee Nobel winning novelist

Leonard Cohen

Patti Davis, daughter of Ronald and Nancy Reagan

Ariel Durant historian

Will Durant historian

F M Esfandiary Persin author of Day Of Sacrifice and other writings

Poet Lenny Gazbowski

Dudley Giehl author of Vegetarianism A Way Of Life

Lois Gould

Franz Kafka

Colman McCarthy, former syndicated columnist for Wash Post and teacher of Peace

Victoria Moran, author of 8 books

Tommy Ohalloran

Alexander Pope

Hans Ruesch Swiss antivivisection activist listed in Ideas That Changed The World

author of Slaughter of the Innocent, listed by Guinness as most litigated man

Mary Shelley

Percy Bysshe Shelley

George Bernard Shaw

Sam Simon, a founding writer of The Simpsons who left his money to a vegan foundation

Upton Sinclair

Isaac Bashevis Singer, Nobel prize winner

Peter Singer, author of Animal Liberation

Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of Uncle Tom's Cabin

Vic Sussman author of the Vegetarian Altenrative

Rabindranath Tagore

Leo Tolstoy

Alice Walker

Irving Wallace

David Wallechinsky

Thom Yorke

Benjamin Zephaniah - 33


Union Organizers

Cesar Chavez

Henry Spira NY Teachers, Maritime Union.. his animal rights activism

caused Peter Singer author of Animal Liberation, to write a play about him 1



Bryan Adams, musician

Casey Affleck


Adam Ant, British musician

Antagonist all vegetarian New Zealand band

Alec Baldwin

Brigitte Bardot

Kim Basinger

hester Bennington of Linkin Park

Candace Bergen 10

Milton Berle

Beyonce singer

Orlando Bloom

David Carradine star of Kung Fu

Jim Carrey

Linda Carter Wonder Woman

Adam Carson - drummer of AFI

Johnny Cash

Adriano Celentano, singer 19

James Coburn (featured in Veg World for not killing insects)

James Cromwell star of Babe

Kaley Cuoco actress

Alan Cummng Scottish actor

Bob Cummings, actor

Ted Danson

Doris Day (started an animal rights group)

Ellen DeGeneres

John Denver

Johnny Depp

Emily Deschanel, star of Bones 30

Zooey Deschanel

Danny DeVito

Leonardo DiCaprio

Peter Dinklage

Alan Donohue, singer of British rock band The Rakes

Michael Dorn (Star Trek The Next Generation)

Daryl Dragon and Toni Tennille, aka Captain & Tennille

David Duchovny.. X files, Aquarius and music album

Earth Crisis - all vegan band 22

Zac Efron 40

Semantha Eggar star of Dr Dolittle with Rex Harrison

Michael Feldman, comic star of Whad'ya Know

Alan Ford British actor

Sara Gilbert of Roseann, The View etc As a teen on Roseanne she protested being forced to serve meat in their restaurant and drew a white chalk crime scene outline of a cow in front of the restaurant.

Ryan Gosling actor and activist

Alexander Greenwald musician

GreyNyteLyfe: hip hop artist

Josh Groban singer

Daryl Hannah

Anne Hathaway

Woody Harrelson raw food vegan

George Harrison Beatle

Marilu Henner star of Taxi

Dustin Hoffman

Chrissie Hynde of the British group The Pretenders

Michael Jackson

Samuel L Jackson

Ashley Judd

Tony Kanal

Casey Kasem

Lisa Kudrow star of Friends

K D Lang singer

Cloris Leachman

Carol Leifer tv comedian

John Lennon &Yoko Ono

Ted Leo

Jared Leto.. chosen for the role of the Joker

Alison Lohman actress

Jennifer Lopez

Fugazi Ian Mackaye

Gavin MacLeod, Mary Tyler Moore Show and Love Boat

Mickey Madden

Wendie Malick

Tobey Maguire

Paul McCartney

Bill Maher

Melanie who sang "I don't eat animals cuz they don't eat me"

Men At Work Australian band, a member of

Hayley Mills British actress of "Trouble With Angels"

John Mills British actor

Moby musician 80

Mary Tyler Moore (who helped PETA free a 65 year old lobster to return to the sea)

Roger Moore, James Bond 1927 to 2017

Adair Moran, stunt performer

Alanis Morissette is a vegan singer and songwriter

Morrissey British singer Madison Sq Garden will cancel meat sales during his singing

Jason Mraz

Laraine Newman (original cast of Saturday Night Live)

Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek

Rosie O'Donnell

Ozzy Osbourne 90

Alan Park, Canadian comedian

Michelle Pfeiffer movie star

Joaquin Phoenix

River Phoenix

Summer Phoenix

Brad Pitt

Ellen Pompeo actor

Natalie Portman

Prince 99

Craig Robinson, actor

Craig Richardson

Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood)

Adam Russell, bassist of Story of the Year,

Susan St James

Justin Sane from band Anti-Flag

Peter Sellers

Ravi Shankar

Ed Sheeran

Alicia Sllverstone

Russell Simmons hiphop starmaker

Dean Allen Spunt

Jon and Tracey Stewart writer entertainer Tracey a veterinarian with sanctuary

Ben Stiller

Joss Stone British musician

Gloria Swanson

Aimee Teegarden actress

Marlo Thomas

Danny Trejo

Cicely Tyson


Lindsay Wagner

Dennis Weaver McCloud, Gunsmoke

Forest Whitaker

Betty White, nonagenarian comedian, still acting vegan for years

Olivia Wilde

Cindy Williams of Laverne And Shirley

Saul Williams

Faye Wong Chinese singer

Adam Yauch, musician of Beastie Boys,

Ahmet Zappa musician

Efrem Zimbalist

Pamela Anderson 134


Ancient Greece and Rome ivu.org/people













Orpheus (according to Aristophanes) 13


Environmentalists of which there are millions

David Kidd who coordinated the planting of over 1 million trees

Jeremy Rifkin

Munqeth Mehyar- Jordanian Director of Friends of the Earth Middle East, Jordan -

Frances Moore Lappe... author of Diet For A Small Planet

Alexandra Paul , also actor in Baywatch 4


Physicians And Nurses

Dr Don Barnes whose refusal to irradiate primates at Brooks Air Force Base was made into the movie Project X

Psychiatrist Neal Barnard founder of Pcrm a group with thousands of vegan physician, nurse and other health therapist members

Clara Barton

Psychiatrist Murry J Cohen MD

Joel Fuhrman MD

Steve Kaufman, MD founder of the Christian Veg. Assn

John Harvey Kellogg, MD whose family founded Kellogg Cereals He found that cadavers'

colon bacteria (ecoli) multiplies into the billions within 4 hours of slaughter

Michael Klaper MD

Jonathan Lieff MD psychiatrist who started vegetarian options at Lemuel Shattuck Hospital

John McDougall MD

Several thousand vegan physicians, nurses, therapists are members of pcrm.org


Political Leaders

Senator James Abourezk US Senator, South Dakota

Jim Beall, Jr.—California Assemblyman (24th District)

Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey

Ben Carson secretary in the 2017, 2018 cabinet

Fidel Castro

President William Clinton

Moraji Desai, PM of India and many other Indian PM's

Dr. Janez Drnovsek, Vegan President of Slovenia

Benjamin Franklin was a vegetarian when he discovered electricity. In later years as ambassador to Paris he wrote that he had had lapses due to venison and venery.

Mahatma Gandhi

Maneka Gandhi environmental activist and political leader

Vice President Al Gore was elected president in 2000, his election stolen by Jeb Bush in Florida and the Supreme Court

Dick Gregory

Andrew Jacobs former congressman from Indiana

Abdul Kalam, Dr president of India and space scientist

Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, former president of Zambia

Coretta Scott King

Dennis Kucinich whose congressional district was stolen by GOP gerrymandering

Former Governor Richard Lamm Colorado

Sophie Maxwell—San Francisco Supervisor (10th District)

Kerry McCarthy, Member of British Parliament Labour Party

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

Molotov (born Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Skryabin.

Jawaharlal Nehru, Prime Minister of India

Gulzari Lal Nanda, Prime Minister of India

Jamie Raskin—Maryland State Senator (20th District)

Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed of Saudi Arabia, not to be confused with the one bombing Yemen

Frederick P. Salvucci

Albert Schweitzer

Al Sharpton

Lal Bahadur Shastri, Prime Minister of India

Jill Stein, Green Party presidential candidate

Ohio Democratic Party candidate for governor:Congresswoman Betty Sutton Akron Ohio 26


Activists There are millions

Lyman Beecher, abolitionist, father of Harriet Beecher Stowe,

fruitarian community

Russell Brand anarchist and comic

Cesar Chavez saintly organizer of the United Farm Workers and

Angela Davis

Francisco Martin antibullfighting activist

John Prestige, founder of the Hunt Saboteurs

John Robbins vegan heir of Baskin Robbins

Nathan Runkle

Capt. Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd

Dr Ann Wigmore, teacher of raw food vegan healing, whose clients included Prime Minister

Moraji Desai of India, Secretary of Interior Rogers Morton and many others 10



Alan Bickley WBBM

Morton Downey

Pegeen Fitzgerald of WOR

Bill Gordon Ksdo

Thom Hartmann

Paul Harvey

Paul Harvey Jr

Father Ron Lengwin Kdka Radio

Robin Quivers Howard Stern's sidekick

Jeff Rense

Carrie Underwood

Ace Young Kmet



Joyce Di Benedetto-Colton, M.S. - Earth Ethics Institute, Miami Dade College

Susan Hargreaves - Humane Education Reaching Out. Founder, U.S.

Richard Schwartz online course in Jewish vegetarianism 3

Stephen Webb professor of religion

Nutritionist Gillian McKeith


Business Leaders

Dhirubhai Ambani

Michael Eisner of Disney

Bill Ford, chairman of Ford Motors

Ching Hai many restaurants around the world

Steve Jobs, for a while a fruitarian

Howard Lyman former Montana rancher http://madcowboy.com

Elon Musk founder of Paypal

Gary Pruitt CEO of McClatchy Newspapers

Biz Stone cofounder of Twitter

Ratan Tata billionaire philanthropist

Paul Wenner, inventor of Gardenburger

Evan Williams cofounder of Twitter

Steve Wyn casinos

Mort Zuckerman real estate magazines 14

(Sergei Brin of Google and Bill Gates are investing in vegan businesses)


Native Americans

Jermaine Sam of the Navajo tribe



The vegan rednuck trucker youtube dot com



Peggy Mason of the UK

Uri Geller 2


Women's Rights

Carol J Adams

Susan B Anthony

Gloria Steinem

Constantina Salamone



Captain Alan Jones, USMC broke a record with 17,003 consecutive pushups

Captain Rick Corbin, went through Rangers as a vegetarian



Rip Esselstyn and his entire Engine 2 fire station


Police Officers

Frank Serpico, whose career fighting corruption in the Nypd was the subject of a movie 1


Chess Players

Jonathon Speelman



James Cameron, director of Avatar

James LaVeck and Jenny Stein, filmmakers of 'The Witness' and

'The Peaceable Kingdom' http://www.tribeofheart.org

Shaun Monson, of the film Earthlings http://www.Earthlings.com 2



Ted Zagar


Fashion And Models

Rory Freedman, author of 'Skinny Bitch' http://www.SkinnyBitch.net

Adriana Karembeu model

Yasmin Le Bon

Stella McCartney - British designer daughter of Paul and Linda 4

Petra Nemcova also a philanthropist


Proponents of Vegetarian Diet who were not necessarily vegetarian

Isaac Newton



"There is Dotsie Bausch, a seven-time U.S. national cycling champion who, at 39, was the oldest cyclist to ever qualify for the Olympics, not to mention return home with a silver medal. There is Patrik Baboumian, the former Germany’s Strongest Man who holds multiple world records, including lifting a staggering 1,213 pounds over his head. There is one of the greatest ultramarathoners of all time, Scott Jurek, who ran the Appalachian trail in 46 days, eight hours, and seven minutes—three hours faster than anyone else at the time, and months shorter than the average hiker. There are Roman gladiators, gorillas, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, all of whom have two things in common: superpower strength, and a plant-based diet.ts+Consciousness"


Vegetarians Who Did Harm (We have all harmed beings but some have done it on a greater scale.)

Adolph Hitler was a vegetarian, but bombed billions of animals or smashed them with tanks while providing animal cadavers to the German army.

Martin Bormann, wrote Janet Barkas, was a vegetarian.

Health vegetarian Thomas Alva Edison publicly electrocuted a prisoner and an elephant, dog, cat to demonstrate his electric chair.

Rene Descartes a vegetarian for health who in vivisecting dogs nailed their paws to tables

Meghan Markle may be a vegan


Venus Williams is a raw vegan during tennis season

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