Fbi sly maneuvers onli8

by GERAL Thursday, May. 10, 2018 at 3:34 AM
gsosbee@gmail.com USA

Fbi often blocks my publications.

Fbi fraud disclosed

One of the few Indymedia forums where fbi has not yet banned or blocked me is Portland Indymedia.  Fbi deletes some of my posts there, but fbi tries to convince Portland Indymedia to block my reports. Here is the fbi hoodlum' s latest effort to mislead and intimidate:

See link below for fraudulent report at Portland Indymedia by fbi anonymous  assassin who writes,


newswire article commentary portland metro 08.May.2018 11:59

"media criticism

Geral good,FBI bad?

author: Anon

Thank you PIMC for allowing fine people like Geral to post so much useful information. WWhat

What better way to alienate people than to allow hundreds of posts which simply explain what a great person Geral is.

PIMC, you've been Geral'd !!!!"


Fbi agents & operatives are sneaky cowardly murderers & torturers.

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