Ohio Governor Race: Dennis Kucinich & Richard Cordray Run Against Mike DeWine

by Impeach Trump Thursday, Apr. 12, 2018 at 4:40 AM

John Kerry in 2004 through myriad crimes. Robert F Kennedy Jr, Congressman John Conyers, and Free Press of Columbus have written books or articles about the theft.

Ohio Race For Governor:

Kucinich and Cordray are 2 Democrat candidates running against Republican executioner Mike DeWine.

Dennis Kucinich, former

presidential candidate, mayor of Cleveland,

international peace worker, and vegan

was gerrymandered out of his many

year US congressional district by

Ohio Republicans.

Another Democratic choice is Richard

Cordray, an effective consumer activist in the Obama administration, who resigned after

Trump was elected. On the Republican side is Mike DeWine.

DeWine was a neocon architect of the war

in Iraq when in the Senate. As AG in Ohio

he has helped make Ohio the only prisoner

murdering Northern state. He has publicized

his war on opioids while ignoring the #1

source of heroin in Ohio and the US...

the poppyfields of Afghanistan which supply

8% of the world's heroin. American soldiers

have been forced to guard poppyfields in


DeWine has been silent about the CIA fostering of Afghanistan heroin and about

the 17 countries bombed by the USG since 1980

He had been Lieutenant governor under Republican Governor Voinovich.

Together they worked to bring about perhaps

the worst factory farm horror story in the US.

They brought to Ohio A Pohlman, banned from operating factory farms in Germany because of animal cruelty and near death to workers from nicotinic insectiicide. Public Citizen worked to expose Pohlman's child labor and sale of 6 month old eggs. The horror story imposed on the chickens at Buckeye Egg Farm (then renamed Agrigeneral and now Ohio Fresh Egg) is unequaled.

DeWine's running mate is Jon Husted who as Secretary of State removed hundreds of thousands illegally from Ohio voting rolls in order to swing the state to Trump. With old Diebold voting machines in some Ohio counties, Husted was also able easily to switch the yes of Ohioans to legalize marijuana into a no.

In April 2018, John Boehner, fellow Ohioan, and former Speaker of the US House, said his thinking on marijuana legalization has evolved. He will be supporting its legalization and has joined Acreage Holdings which works in 11 states.


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