Letter: Support Proportional Representation for the California State Legislature

by Michael Feinstein for Secretary of State Monday, Jan. 01, 2018 at 9:23 PM

Letter to California State Legislature, asking to change our electoral system for the state legislature to elections by proportional representation.

Letter: Support Prop...
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New Year's Resolution for Democracy - Send Letter to Support Proportional Representation Elections for the California State Legislature

California can be more fair & just when people from all walks of life have a seat at the table of our democracy. That is what my 2018 Secretary of State campaign is all about.

One strategy is to promote elections by proportional representation for the California State Legislature - including by sending the following letter (or your edit) directly to the state legislature. Click on the link and it will go directly to your our State Assemblymember and State Senator


Dear Member of the California State Legislature

California's constitution states that all political power is inherent in the people. Yet, our current system of elections - based upon extremely large, single-seat, winner-take-all legislative districts - is incapable of representing California's rich diversity.

California's constitution also states that all votes must be counted. Yet under our current elections system, millions of votes cast don't count towards electing anyone - depriving millions of Californians of direct representation by someone who truly reflects their views.

By contrast, elections from multi-seat districts elected by proportional representation would give all Californians a seat at the table of our democracy. It's time that California has a 21st century democracy, where every voter can cast a vote that goes towards electing someone who truly represents them.

As a California resident, I am asking you and the entire State Legislature to (a) convene a deeply inclusive public process, to investigate and determine what form of electoral system would work best for our state - and (b) place one or more such options on the ballot for the people to vote.


Original: Letter: Support Proportional Representation for the California State Legislature