Government by fbi terrorists

by geral sosbee idVer:ce0e2685ebd41ec8d6390b643a Tuesday, Dec. 26, 2017 at 5:33 AM United States

The horrors of rule by fbi's own terrorists are awaiting all.

The most **frightening aspect of terrorist attacks by fbi/cia on Targets (foreign & domestic) is that psychopaths and serial killers of the intelligence community rule the world with the implied approval of the general population. The prison walls that are metaphorically the brain entrainment by DEW & ELF weaponry are prepared for all who displease the lowest form of human beings:

Fbi/cia federal magistrate judges and all others who fear or stand in awe of the hideous power applied by these human monsters.

For them, human life has no value.

So, all the world pays close attention to reports like this one because they foretell of the decline of civilization and ruination of the human species by Its most barbaric and inhumane representative.


So, those of us being tortured and murdered today are the informed segment of the world and all others have yet to awaken to the horrors that we prove awaits everyone in one way or another. For who among us, in a sane and rational state, accepts the emerging rule that threats and mind programming are the new governing apparatus.

Torture, mayhem and murder are the applied techniques of government by the so called intelligence agencies globally.

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