Real filthy fbi

by geral sosbee idVer:ce0e2685ebd41ec8d6390b643a Monday, Dec. 04, 2017 at 3:30 AM 9565091454 United States

The true nature of fbi is revealed in their attacks on me and in their statements.

Filthy words and thoughts of fbi assassins:

Excerpted From:

The true fbi hidden from public view, but revealed in their filthy statements some of which are reproduced below. Regarding the last entry, the fbi operative/"janitor" who committed a provocative assault and battery on me, see

And here is your fbi:

kiss my ashole, geral

"We need to capture "

so come and get me, you pussy.

I'll fuck you up just a bit, you big talking 'hero'.

You are showing everyone just how unstable you are.

And how full of shit.

Paranoid schizophrenia is bad.

Particularly as a little scrunt, ex FBI asshole, geral.

Seek therapy and stop spamming this wire

and Portland's wire.

If I was a killer, you'd be top on my list. Just to clear your repetitive trash from this newswire. But I think your own mental illness will do the job for me, you idiot.

Why don't you go pick on a poor janitor like the one you filed a "report" on for asking you to flush the toilet, you cowardly little asshole, because you aren't capable of intimidating me. That's right, Mr War Hero didn't flush the toilet after use at UT library, then when the janitor touched him on the shoulder and asked him to please flush, the little punk piece of shit filed a complaint on the janitor for assault. "

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