Government Regimes Are On A Global Kill Spree

by geral sosbee idVer:ce0e2685ebd41ec8d6390b643a Saturday, Dec. 02, 2017 at 4:29 AM 9565091454 United States

USA, RUSSIA, UK, etc., are on a vicious torture & kill spree unprecedented in human affairs.

Global government psychopaths are on a torture/kill spree against their people because, after all, "that's what we do."

Victims include individuals from all walks of life & various age groups, etc. Not targeted for termination are heads of regimes in USA, UK, etc. Congress and courts and high profile media figures who lie and cover up government atrocities are generally not targeted.

So, the most defenseless individuals in society are viciously attacked by the most powerful miscreants ever who wield DEW/ELF, etc., in their crime spree which is unprecedented in human affairs.

God Bless those of us who are targeted by modern day human monsters in government and private sectors. And we honor those Bravehearts especially who confront the homicidal bullies/psychopaths and who otherwise expose them as diabolical figures bent on world inhumane domination.

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