We The Living

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Fbi assassins and their co conspirators in media and the courts are engaged in atrocities.


We The Living

We often sing or preach to the choir and many realize that the general population cares not about atrocities committed against our people by fbi/cia and their vigilantes.

Indeed, the main street media expands its power base by hiding reports of our own government's unspeakable horrors such as torture, forced suicide while being monitored and assassinations. Attacks on us by DEW & ELF are always hidden, even while victims are fraudulently labeled as paranoid.

Yet, truth of this macabre culture cannot be hidden from the world for much longer.

So, we must honor people who against all odds struggle while being tortured to fight back against the psychopaths of fbi and company who engage 24/7/365 in murder, character assassination, torture and other unconscionable crimes; for many of the crimes we report are unprecedented in human affairs and represent the final assaults by government on our species.

May Providence provide aid, comfort and blessings to all who work to expose these human monsters in fbi and stalkers/perpetrators who exemplify the scourge of the human race.


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