How the Bewildered Herd is Kept on Course by Rainer Mausfeld

by Marc Batko Friday, Nov. 24, 2017 at 1:37 PM

Neoliberalism is an ideology that mutates into a quasi-natural law. Neoliberalism is an indoctrination that never questions profit and competitiveness. What is rational in micro-economics (being competitive) can be disastrous in macroeconomics (mass unemployment).

“How the Bewildered Herd is Kept on Course” by Rainer Mausfeld, October 2017

I want to share several insights from the psychologist Rainer Mausfeld in his recent lecture “How the Bewildered Herd is Kept on Course”: 1) Social antagonism is shifted into one’s own person. One becomes a slaveholder of oneself under the neoliberal ideology of human capital. Everyone is a little I-company that must optimize him/herself. (2) Estrangement or de-solidarity can only occur when a necessary measure of fear and uncertainty is induced in individuals. (3) Fear must be induced and has nothing to do with reality. This is an important rule technique. The most important resource in neoliberalism is “accumulation of the fear raw material” (Oscar Negt), “The people are threatening for the rulers when they are without fear” (Tacitus)

Job creation, closing tax havens, redistributing income and wealth and building affordable housing, schools, and hospitals are all trivialized or ignored in the GOP tax bill – in the irrational frenzy to give more benefits and deductions to owners of yachts and private jets!


Here are two remarkable addresses by the psychologist Rainer Mausfeld:

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Original: How the Bewildered Herd is Kept on Course by Rainer Mausfeld