BUSTED: Watch LAPD cops plant drugs in black suspect’s wallet – unaware body cams were on

by lapd Friday, Nov. 10, 2017 at 5:32 PM

BUSTED: Watch LAPD cops plant drugs in black suspect’s wallet – unaware their body cams were on


BUSTED: Watch LAPD cops plant drugs in black suspect’s wallet – unaware their body cams were on

Tom Boggioni
10 Nov 2017

Former LAPD cadet files claim against city over alleged sexual abuse
October 28, 2017

LAPD to use drones in 1-year pilot program
October 17, 2017


Woman pleads guilty to killing LAPD officer while driving under influence of cocaine
October 20, 2017
"Cobb, now 37, pleaded no contest to one count of second-degree murder this week and is expected to be sentenced to 15 years to life in state prison"

LAPD officer arrested after fiery crash leaves 3 dead on 605 Freeway in Whittier
September 27, 2017
(it's November 2017, and searching for LAPD officer "Edgar Omar Verduzco" shows no charges at all, much less second-degree murder or 15 years to life)


Lawsuit filed by family of 20-year-old man fatally shot by LAPD, run over by police car
September 21, 2017
An autopsy report showed Rivera was struck seven times. But he was also struck by an LAPD patrol car and pinned against a gate.

A lawyer for Rivera's family released an animated simulation that shows what they believe happened.

"The LAPD was hiding the fact that the car was out of control, that they didn't put it in park, that the shooting resulted only because of their malfeasance or negligence," said attorney Arnoldo Casillas.

No firearm was recovered at the scene.

Rivera's parents filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday against the City of Los Angeles, the LAPD, and Arturo Urrutia and Daniel Ramirez -- the two officers who allegedly opened fire.

Beck's defense of the LAPD's cadet program comes amid another scandal affecting a similar program at the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

On Tuesday, the LASD announced that a deputy is being investigated for an allegation of misconduct involving a teenage cadet. The department is also launching a review of the explorer program, but said it is not aware of any other misconduct allegations.

The actual shooting was not captured on video, which was surveillance footage from a local business, police said. LAPD told Eyewitness News that no further footage will be released. WHY NOT

LAPD holds street carnival in Panorama City to encourage community relations