San Gabriel Valley Anti-Repression Committee Action

by Mercedes Figueroa Solidarity Collective idVer Monday, Jan. 23, 2017 at 6:07 AM

San Gabriel Valley Anti-Repression Committee responds to fascist threat.

San Gabriel Valley A...
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On January 20th, 2017, ANTIFA member, Bridgetown supports, and community collectives gathered at the corner of Valinda and Maplegrove to respond to a recent fascist threat against the Bridgetown Collective. Around 30-40 individuals gathered and took the streets; they marched down Valinda into Hacienda Boulevard blocking traffic. The sheriffs were present, but were not sure how to respond to the action. The sheriffs blocked traffic as the people marched down the street. The community members were generally supportive of the action and some even joined the march. The march lasted over an hour and eventually made it back to Bridgetown.

Fortunately, there were no arrests and the coward fascists did not show up. This action was important for various reasons. First, it was to respond to a fascist threat; this is important since it must be demonstrated to the fascists that any threat will be dealt with and will be countered. Secondly, the action was significant because it demonstrated to the community that there is opposition to fascists even when the current political situation makes it difficult. The community in La Puente is mostly of Mexican descent and there is always a huge police presence – check points happen all the time around Hacienda Boulevard and the sheriff station/detention center are nearby in Downtown La Puente. It was fitting that the during the action the group chanted “La migra, la policia, es la misma porqueria.” Finally, the action was significant because in La Puente there is rarely any radical activity. In years past, there were anti-war protests in nearby West Covina. Bridgetown has been in La Puente for several years now and this action is perhaps a new phase for the space to grow and to organize around community issues.

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