KPFK struggles without re-solutions

by another KPFK payor Friday, Oct. 07, 2016 at 2:25 PM

KPFK continues hiding what donors/stakeholders should be informed that happens with their funding this radio station. Here are tid bits to help members and stakeholders understand some of the chaos therein. The Pacifica Archives. Membership decline. Arbitration costs......

Membership Slide:

“National supervisor. Lynne Serpe, provided tentative membership numbers that indicated Pacifica’s nationwide membership had slid dramatically from 55,000 members nationwide in 2015 -- to 48,000 in 2016 -- a one-year decline of 15% “ !!!

After the Pacifica’s archives have become “ 19 Pacifica reel-to-reel archival master tapes appeared for sale on in the last 2 weeks.

An anonymous source told the NY-based blog “WBAI Now and Then” the materials came from a 20-year-old storage locker in Rosemead, CA, that had been maintained by the national office and was auctioned off in the last year -2015- due to non-payment of the storage fee

then there are the Pacifica Archives:

At the September 29 PNB Crosier asks to have iED Brazon answer the following questions:

“1) What’s being done about the selling of Archives material on eBay due to non-payment of rent for storage units?...” [plus other concerns too]

“…Crosier’s information request was ruled “out of order” and no information was provided to the board of directors on any of the …inquiries by iED of Pacifica : Brazon…."


Pacifica’s own income statements corroborate this stop payment. KPFK owes Arbitration results:

….”KPFK recently lost a large multi-grievance union arbitration with the station’s SAG-AFTRA bargaining unit-“ because of the newly-appointed Gen’l manager, Leslie Radford, imposing sudden unilateral work hour reductions … & this GM fired two employees… and she then denied their contracted severance benefits.

“The settlement amount is at least $200,000 -which will include back pay to approximately 20 employees whose hours were cut, plus the re-hire of 2 fired employees - and the payment of at least 4 previously denied severance packages.

Surprisingly, iED Brazon has not shown the final settlement agreement to the PNB [board of directors].

The KPFK GM has accused her KPFK staff of “deliberately jamming the toilets with paper towels. She gave employees a “snow day” while the bathrooms were repaired and then locked.” Her memo can be seen at Pacificainexile’s original post/ site.

Such antics, if true, reveal some juvenile pranks or anger acted out by either/both sides to their ongoing conflicts – GM and KPFK staff that has been diminished and eliminated, after years of dedicated work there.
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”The KPFK relevant information above has been edited and reposted quotes from dated Sept 7 2016 website :

be better to provide positive info for results at Our Radio Station ? But that might be the usual silent - unsaid – denied – actualities ….unless the constant fund raising that shooes many listeners away from that station,

with the constant pleading, selling, repeat programming and implied promises that once we have paid up we don’t have to keep listening to more ‘fund-begging’ over and each month, again !

There may be some good things to report but the reality has not revealed these anywhere. Do a search ! and comment here or elsewhere, if any optimism is even possible ?