Writer needed FDIC robbed with new weapons and witness was me

by Kurt brown --- Saint ram bone Wednesday, Mar. 16, 2016 at 9:33 PM

I've had several brain strokes in covert wars and robberies while working for federal government. Co writer needed. 50 percent cut on all book and movie deals

Writer needed FDIC r...
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I am seeking a ghost writer or co writer to assist in writing project for movie release.

The plot is the true FDIC robbery in 1999 of FDIC that was never reported. I was in the CEO chair.

I am Kurt brown and am the half blood paternal brother of Kurt cobain of nirvana found dead in 1994

My mother and I were stunned and injected and I was robbed of millions of dollars most likely Due to Kurts will to me

The FDIC robbery was the same in 1999. My boss was almost killed before work that day. Or maybe he was already dead

I was on the USs Reid ffg 30 in 1983 and we were nuked off the California coast and were stunned before the missiles in the fleet were turned against each other

I will split all proceeds 50/50 on movie deals and book deals on your writings

This is the largest robbery in the history of the USA

In the true mixed with fiction I want to re enact fsma day 1999 on November 12 and the stunning and injecting and murder and robbery.

I want the first scene or some scene to be like the character buffalo bill in the movie with the song by Lazarus titled goodbye horses I want to have my captors captured and put in rabbit cages and stacked in an old home with a lot of junk inside on 2016 when I awaken from my coma

I am a scientist and inventor with a death wish sort of and like my brother Kurt this Kurt takes risks but always seems to survive. I like to do experiments as I am a psychologist and brain analyst and I am a astrophysicist. A stargazer who hates cute little fuzzy bunnies because it is not kosher to eat them but they are evil like FDIC snakes in my cages

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