KPFK buys premiums to re-sell them for donations -so

by KPFK donor Monday, Jun. 01, 2015 at 11:00 PM

so donations are paid for twice by radio station supporters? The donations are not just for station essential maintanence? But to buy-and-sell their donors bribes - called "gifts"? The 'premiums'-gifts sometimes sent in return for $$$ to pay for Pacifica radio stations' maintenance are paid for by station donors too - while merchandisers are also gettiing so much Free Promotion, advertising, lauding by programmers and on-air-web exposure. Never ending chaos continues therein.

Business transactions or donations? Are these clever word-plays to hide the realities behind non-transparent financial shenanigans?

KPFK owes thousands for premiums they purchased and are in debt. And are eternally begging every radio listener for more cash ? to sell them more merchandise ? - instead of earning brand-station-loyalty for the value of their programs ?

A little bribing is commonplace at non-profits but on-going business-promotions-advertising-sales is what is happening at KPFK now for at least a month....

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The implicit story always was that the merchandisers were providing free of chargecontributions oftheir thingies - in return for all the on-air-advertising they receive, way beyond whatever their contributions could get anywhere else.

Now it is revealed that 'premiums' are traded in return for money ? that the overpriced gifties for station donation support are also PAID for ?

so the seller of stuff gets lots of free-on-air-&-website promos and then also charges for the stuff ?

The statement above quoted as "Plenty of authors featured during pledge drive donate copies of their books to support the station."

This sounds like what is the only-on-air claim made - so dumbed down donors assume this does happen with merchandising of all the KPFK pretend-'gifts' - which are offered [sold] - and sometimes sent in exchange for $ donations.
[ while many complain of never receiving their gifts after many FU inquiries too]

Bad business for KPFK. Other than Pacifica radio stations do reveal their advertising for what it is, but here stations deny, hide, dissimulate and pretend they are not advertising and promoting selective merchandise - all the while doing just that ?

What is NEVER mentioned anywhere for radio audiences is that the 'premium' merchandisers' promotions, & PR, & advertising & radio programmers' repeated lauding this merchandise and their authors is a big gift to the Merchandisers ! Their gain from this on-air exposure -- the promos are obviously worth much more than whatever the stuff 'donated' [and their donations being tax-deductible too ?] made in EXCHANGE ... for money exchanges to stations. Sounds like a set up,, not clean nor honest after all.

Thus the so-called-'premiums' hawked for money is a financial business-trade, and not a free-will gift - from merchandiser to station and from station to $ donor - but a business sale to and from any station that promotes the stuff = all are just falsified, dissimulated business transactions.

The continual concealment and misrepresentation of who pays for what and at what prices are the stuff exchanged, is a fraudulent if the stuff were not 'sold' but gifted is a big LIE that is never admitted nor addressed, even when such practices have been questioned openly at many LSB meetings.

Until the $ amount owed for 'premiums' aka merchandise-exchanges for station sponsors' donations was acknowledged here, the long-paying sponsors of KPFK had no idea that they were simultaneously PAYING for the stuff thru their donations, instead of all their donations being used to maintain the failing radio station essential costs.

Lack of any transparency and the secretive silence repeatedly hides the money realities played within station finances and their business-dealings ....and has done so, for decades thru to now. So, why would anyone be willing to pay more for being so boringly harangued with continual dissimulated ads and promotions ?