Venice Boardwalk new ordinances NEED your feedback too !

by Venice artists Saturday, Sep. 24, 2011 at 8:21 PM

LA City Parks Dept had a meeting to draft or discuss a new ordinance about changing the crass commercial junk being sold on Venice Beach. But who could find out where or when the meeting was held ? Could it be intentional that the outreach was limited or non existent even to those who WANTED to attend, to comment, to question their tax-paid decision-makers?

The way the LA City Parks Dept hides and denies access to public citizen to come to their meetings - by NOT providing timely information nor easily accessible locations for meetings has made them accomplish having it only THEIR WAY only yet again.

A meeting that was set to discuss the Venice Boardwalk commercial sales of junk ordinance was scheduled for 9/21 - but it was not to be found on the front page of "meetings" at LA City official webpage.

Why ?

Because unless you are an invested businessperson with a profit motive to motivate hours of time and effort , it takes time and work and frustration to just FIND OUT where a meeting may or not be held...

and the information of the important meeting was only presented to the Venice Neighborhood Council - a board most interested in it's area's regulations - at 7:15pm of 9/20 = the night before = a 9:30 meeting in Harbor City [near San Pedro] on 9/21 the next morning.

Why this delay in relaying information relevant and needed to the VNC members and all the Venice citizens that attend those meetings ? Only 1 day's notice was even given out as a flyer given only at certain other official city meetings, not to 'the rest of the public'.

Intentionally AVOIDNG any PUBLIC PARTICIPATION in what are to be open and comment-able meetings ?

How could it be ? that the Dist 5 of LA City Council did not know or not bother to send out information... so people could at least car pool or find a ride ...or get public transport information... or whatever is needed to take a long distance trip ...for the possibility maybe of making a public comment = that SHOULD BE HEARD by those making laws, rules and ordinances that then affect the everyone for years to come?

Maybe We The American Public should not be heard nor comment on issues that affect us, nor question our 'elected' representatives at all ?

Or maybe the meetings are secretly set up with only a few who will agree and conform and not ask embarrassing questions or confront any decisions by officials - so only those can thus attend these hidden meetings that yet do affect US all ?

And the results ? Where will they be made public? Or be posted, revealed, reported ? Or will only a cleansed version be given out to those affected by those very same decision- makers ? So that the taxpaying public who wants NO MORE COMMERCIAL JUNK VENDING ON VENICE BEACH have no say in what is said or decided about the upcoming ordinance changes ?

who knows?

it is so hard to dis-cover the ways our officials set up these routine meetings = that makes it actually an un-democratic process under the fake guise of being a participatory democracy we live under.

Under, as "under" - not inside of, a democracy but beneath.

Original: Venice Boardwalk new ordinances NEED your feedback too !