Prevent Pickens' Plan to Frack America

by Food & Water Watch Sunday, Jun. 26, 2011 at 4:23 PM

With mounting evidence that fracking for natural gas is poisoning our air and water, and a national movement against fracking that continues to grow, why is Congress poised to commit us to an energy policy that will encourage even more fracking? Take action to protect our water from the dangers of fracking!

Today is a big day for Food & Water Watch and our supporters. We are releasing our

newest report, "The Case for a Ban on Gas Fracking", which highlights why natural

gas drilling poses unacceptable risks to the American public. Extensive research

shows how the natural gas industry's use of water-intensive, dirty and unregulated

methods of extracting natural gas are compromising public health and polluting our

water. Will you take action to make sure Congress doesn't spend billion in public

money to subsidize an industry that abuses our precious water resources?

A bill being pushed by Texas oil tycoon and billionaire T. Boone Pickens has been

introduced in the House of Representatives. It would funnel billion in subsidies

to the natural gas industry while making the United States dependent on dirty shale

gas drilling for generations to come. The New Alternative Transportation to Give

Americans Solutions Act - or NAT GAS Act - might sound good from the title, but it's

really a big giveaway to the big oil and gas companies. Send an email to your

legislators urging them to oppose taxpayer investments in an industry with a history

of toxic fracking fluid spills, explosions and water contamination.

The sole purpose of the NAT GAS Act is to expand the available markets for the

natural gas industry. These companies already receive large, unnecessary subsidies

from American taxpayers. We should not repeat that mistake by further enriching this

well-established industry for developing another polluting fossil fuel source.

Send an email to your legislators today:

Thanks for taking action,

Meredith Begin

Education Outreach Organizer

Food and Water Watch

P.S. - You can learn more by checking our fracking action center,

where you can find our new report, "The Case for a Ban on Gas Fracking," a map of efforts to ban fracking across the country, a calendar of events, and other tools you can use to organize in your community.

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