Attendees of the 2011 Air Quality Conference, San Diego

by Al Thursday, Mar. 17, 2011 at 6:26 PM

I share this email list of attendees to the 2011 National Air Quality Conferences not to spam or solicit or troll. I do it to encourage dialog.

download PDF (156.6 kibibytes)

If you're looking at this list of people, please consider reaching out
to a local person in your area as an equal and develop a real relationship with them as a human beings.
Show them the evidence which convinced you of the persistent jet contrails we see in the sky are actually aerial aerosol programs.
The attendees of this conference profess to care about the atmosphere, the environment, particulate matter, and public health. The people I'm sharing this list with also deeply care about the environment and are observing troubling phenomenon that deserves further research. We have photos, documents, patents, corporations, soil/air/water samples, we don't have to speculate with loaded terminology. And when we are speculating, we make it explicit.

Much Love and Respect!