by Fábio de Oliveira Ribeiro Saturday, Sep. 11, 2010 at 2:14 PM

Brazil will begin to change soon.

What us BRAZILIAN we will do of Brazil after the elections? Until the present moment we have not been making anything, because here the military ones have only been making some thing, which is, to protect during the crisis periods the legacy of the Old Regime reinforced with D. João's arrival in 1808.

On D. João it wrote Napoleon "was the only that it escaped me". The same Brazilian elite that applaud Napoleon as the great agent of modernization of the European societies, insists on saying that the King's arrival represented the beginning of the Brazilian modernization. While the Old Regime was destroyed in Europe by the batteries of cannons of Napoleon, in Brazil the same Old Regime was reinforced and it has been preserved with base in this contradiction. How is it possible that the same thing that was destroyed in Europe can be good in Brazil?

Before doing a socialist revolution, Brazil it needs is of a revolution that destroys the legacy of the Old Regime: the feudal latifundium, the media aristocracy (in Brazil 5 families control almost all TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and Internet companies) and the monarchic regime disguised of representative democracy.

After the Old Regime be destroyed will have to choose if we will be capitalist or socialists.