America The Judicial

by green leprechaun Tuesday, Jun. 29, 2010 at 10:20 AM

update on the secret police.

One of the main problems with America today has to do with its

currency. American currency is not run by Americans, it is not even

CREATED by Americans, and this state of affairs has been going on for

a long long time. The attack on us by our enemies, both passive and

overt, has been ongoing since July 5th 1776, and control of our

currency by foreign powers must be considered the actual culmination

of this attack. Those foreign powers which control and mint our

money took very real control over all that in 1913, although the

program building up to this overthrow of America was well laid down

and machinated for decades prior to 1913. We have now become a war

economy in every sense of the word, with the cooking of our books and

the falsification of our worth only evident when the foreign powers

who control us through our currency wish to exert pressure on us for

several reasons, not least of which must be called group misbehavior.

If any percentage of us step out of line, lets say out of Lockstep

with the puppeteers of the foreign federal reserve banking system, and

its judicial corporation/stock market which has replaced the American

constitution, well, things become very hard on Americans in general,

very quickly. This is all rather self evident, dont you think?

As for an individuals misbehavior, the secret police fer jeezus,

ie. the homeland security closet queens for their lord, in tandem with

the visible arm of law enforcement which of course are the various tax

enforcement officers in uniform, have developed many tried and true

programs of terrorism which are used on individual Americans,

including but not limited to total electronic surveillance, directed

energy weapons attacks, economic strife, and the like. Things like

abducting a persons pets, poisoning a persons drinking water and food,

mail tampering, along with sleep deprivation through street theatre

and directed energy weapons, are just a few examples of this

mossad/cia/dhs/US Army program of punishment being used right now

against Americans who are not nazified enough for the Israeli

media/government here. This terror against you and I is now a big

business, and is one more perversion of our currency towards ends

UnAmerican. Praise the you-know-what.

The way money is handled here is just a really bad joke, based

simply on favoritism and inside trading. This is not capitalism, even

though the judicial types would surely like the sheople to believe it

is. With all the judicial activity restriciting commerce, taxing

commerce and peoples work, while creating illegal avenues of profit

for the privileged but roads to poverty and debt for the majority,

this is not capitalism, this is futilism, I mean feudalism. Futile

Feudalism. Fun innit?


A really good example of this comedy for the ignorant, bada bing,

has to do with popular music, and the likes of Bill Goetz, computer

wizard, or, more appropriately, computer lizard. Goetz has all his pc

computers going online and registering all the music listened to and

downloaded, registering use of the music at every opportunity, for

what reason only H knows, and that H does not stand for Heaven

kiddies. So, I could get in trouble because I download songs I like,

and am made to feel like a criminal for trying to get music I like for

free. I am 51 years old, and heres the truth of the matter: I have

bought most of the music I try to get for free at least twice, and

many times 3-4 times over the years, but because the physical media

has been substandard (to say the least), vinyl, cassette, 8 track, cd,

dvd, and only NOW digital, I am made not only to buy the music I like

many times over, but also the equipment to play it on! Jokes on me,

har har har. And you too. Funny innit?


That above is just one of the better examples of how our currency

has been used to make the rich richer, and the poor, well, to make the

poor dead. Food deprivation is number one on the list of tools to use

toward that end, but by no means is that a singular tactic. When

people like Bone-head of the group U2 bray the slogan End Poverty! for

their masters in the New World Odor, this does not mean a

redistribution of wealth, no, this means killing the poor. In any way

possible. Duhhhhh. The evidence for that is blatant, and just takes a

little reasoning to see, though the faculty of reasoning seems to be

in very short supply here in America today. And as reading becomes

the number one enemy of this state of affairs, expect all readers to

be targeted continually by the secret police called homeland security,

especially if those readers abstain from televised media, which is

mind control of the highest sort. ALL individuals have files now,

and the more a person of interest you are to the secret police, the

larger your file, and the more ill-treatment you will be subjected to.

By your neighbors and friends, the secret police. Facts. However


Now that this israeli terror department, meaning all American

police, both secret and not, have become somewhat computer literate,

said scumbags are using all activity online to populate data bases,

gather EVIDENCE, and basically qualify many Americans for terror

programs involving harassment which includes active auroral

technologies, among many other secret and debilitating surveillance/

directed energy weapons. These police are just the next generation of

cooking-the-books here in the land of the federal reserve dollar, they

are literally shoring up the currency with their jobs, perpetrating

lies and make-work for their israeli masters. And those

israeli/federal-reserve masters have kept us in a holding pattern at

all costs, for one purpose, and one purpose only. That purpose of

course is to squeeze as much as possible from us, for as long as

possible, before pulling the plug. This can all be proven, and has

been, but Katie Couric et al seem to be woefully destitute concerning

this information, perhaps because, like the police, and the preachers,

those media types are also dependent on israel for their livlihood,

and they know it, and they love it.

The role of organized religion in America, concerning the

formation and maintenance of the secret police, must not ignored.

Many of the computer spies and such are all recruited and equipped via

the churches, most notably the baptist and mormon worms, but none of

the lord lovers or other types who engage in militant missionarism are

actually exempt. Faith based treason, let us say. These types are,

almost to a one, are vested in the end days, and their lord is much

more important to most of them, than, say, the continuance of America.

These foolish and insane drones have been brainwashed with money and

ridiculous, superstitious idiocy. One of the best things that could

be done by real Americans is to organize and boycott every church in

America. Let the holy freaks who make their living peddling the lord

or other unAmerican dogma leave or recant, and if they will not, let

them all be tried for treason. And soon. Because the churches have

been instrumental in the demise of this once great country, and they

can never be forgiven their trespasses, not by anyone who really

understands what this country is about, and what has actually happened

here, what these church/temple types have orchestrated purposefully.

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