US Congress Hopelessly Corrupt

by geral Tuesday, Jun. 08, 2010 at 3:07 PM 956-371-5210 usa-the Brain EntrAinment STate

The congress and the courts of the United States allow the fbi/cia assassins to run murderously wild around the world; such abomination from the most powerful group of thugs ever to be in power in this country demands attention.

The United States Congress has allowed the liars, cowards, assassins and torturers of the fbi/cia (inter alia) to violate the civil and human rights of United States citizens (et. al.), as I have documented on many websites.The Constitution of the United States and all laws in support of the Constitution have also been trashed by the admimnistrators, agents, operatives, special agents, secret agents, investigators, informants, thugs and minions (including members of the general population) of the fbi/cia/police and their affiliate groups within the government.

This report is not new news, but is a reminder that we have no hope of legal recourse against the homicidal traitors of this country, until the corrupt Congress (and the charlatans in the Courts) are swept out, the thugs in the government are prosecuted and jailed, and the people take control of their country. Failure to regain our fundamental rights to freedom from oppression and to determine our own destiny (as well as to decide the future course of civilization) is a surrender unto the terrorists of the fbi/cia, etc.,and cannot be corrected in the future without massive suffering.

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May 7, 2010

From my personal and professional experience I find that the two United States Senators named below are the most cowardly and corrupt members of the Senate in modern times:

1. United States Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison

2. United States Senator John Cornyn,


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