Defend Public Education- March 4th Follow-up

by LA March 4th Commttee Wednesday, Apr. 21, 2010 at 11:19 AM (310) 404-6729

Students, Teachers, workers and parents united last October to Strike and for a Day fo Aciton on March 4th. This is the second conference to Defend Public Education

Defend Public Educat...
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Childcare and spanish translation will be provided. Foodl will be served as well.

800 people converged at UC Berkeley to discuss, debate and voted on March 4th as the Statewide Strike and Day of Action. On March 4th hundreds of demonstrations, occupations, walk-outs and job actions happened in California and in 32 other states. We come together on April 24th to plan our next step. Anyone who attends will have a voice and a vote in how we will continue the fight for public education. All who wish to defend public education are welcome!

When: SATURDAY April 24th 10:00-6:00pm

Where: Santee High 1921 S. Maple Ave

Discussion topics: March 4th before, now and the future of hte movement, how to make the movement more permanent, future actions, demands and name of the movement.

K-12, Community College, Cal States, UC's are all welcome, all equal.

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