Final day Indigenas America's - Abya Yala (Guatemala)

by MM Friday, Mar. 30, 2007 at 8:20 PM

This friday the final day of: III Cumbre Centinental de Puebles y Nacionalidades Indígenas de Abya Yala "Pueblos y Nacionalidades Indigenas de la Resistencia al Poder" Please assist with translations, reproducing, replacing, copying and publishing the info and texts!

Final day Indigenas ...
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What means Abya Yala:

This final day would attract most visitors and there is some speculation if Evo Morales from Boliva will join.

The meeting started last Monday and I went there on Tuesday. It's at Iximche, near Tecpan in the district Chimaltenango between the toeristic vulcan lake Atitlán and Antigua, about 60KM West from Guatemala-city.

Bush visited this place two weeks ago, whereafter the indigenas performed a ritual to neutralise his violation and negative energy to this place.

And indeed; why did Bush have to go there to leave his (negative) print exactly shortly before this international meeting?
The answer seems simple: The rights of the more authentic populations and small farmers, are oftenopposite to the interests of multinazionials, mining corp's and realy big land-owners. And who Bush is representing might be quite clear in these: For the false perception and manipulation, he left his print that he came here to help the population.

And yes, accidently I got this info from a Dutch journalist I met there: A military USA org gives help by building houses. They do that in an area where there is a goldmine from Gold Corp (USA), of Montana (Guatemalan name):

After this meeting, I might not have internet access, or poor access. Besides of that is my Spanish too poor to make real translations. So best what I can do, is to provide all the info-links and hoping others can use that work to continue on, when the final statements have been made at the end of the day:

All Guatemalan newspapers:

LA HORA Guatemala
LA REPUBLICA Guatemala -------
AL DIA Guatemala -------
EL QUETZALTECO Quetzaltenango -------
EL METROPOLITANO Mixco San Cristóbal

The biggest paper seems to be "Prensa Libre", thereafter "Nuestro Diario".
Prensa Libre's sites can be difficult to access; try other hours + other site-entrances:

Indymedia Bolivia -the seperate indigenas site- has lots of news from the conference:
(so *not*:

Also "America Latina - en movimiento" is involved with the organisation (March nr.: Pueblos Indigenas"):

By email they've send me a few docs on the first day. Possibly these also are on their site (see many docs!), but I also parked them here, as they might be the more important ones:

See the org website; many doc's on several subpages!!!