A New Majority Of a New Illusion

by Christina Nelson Saturday, Feb. 17, 2007 at 11:15 AM

An article about War, The Dem's, Impeachment, and Bush. Taken from issue #4 of The New Aeon Journal Official Publication of The New Aeon Socialist Movement

With a corrupt government and backstabbing congress, it is hard to figure who you belong to and what to stand up for. For the first time since the Republican majority in 1994 voters elected a democratic majority into congress. Nevertheless, with the controversial topics and the capitol being mostly Republican it is going to be very hard to get legislation within the democratic population. In an open seat election in 2008, many Congressmen will be vying for the Republican or Democratic ticket, and thus they may not do anything to controversial in the next two years. The 109th Congress will have a rough time passing any bill into law, no matter, which party, is in control. As for the "War" in Iraq, I have heard Bush say, "We're winning this war in Iraq".

It is hard to understand how sending troops to make Iraq and its people free is winning a war against terrorism. Especially since the only people who are truly free in Iraq is the corporations who have license to loot and pillage. Where is the proof that we are making anyone free at all aside from the corporations. Why are not more people worried about where all the money is going. What we need to do is what is right for the troops, which is bringing them home and impeaching Bush for war crimes! One of many of those war crimes includes the use of depleted uranium for shells and tank armor. Depleted uranium is getting our soldiers sick.

The first female congressional Speaker Democrat Nancy Pelosi from California was put at the forefront. America has spoken about the need for change. From a woman's perspective, we can get a lot more opinions on different controversial issues like abortion and gay marriage. The problem is that women in power still don't do much about changing the agenda in Washington. We could have someone like Margaret Thatcher in office and we'd even worse off then we are now.

However, with two years left of his presidency and the values and rights that this country was supposedly founded on being tossed out one amendment at a time. The world cannot wait for a new beginning we need it now! Bush plans on enlisting 90,000 more troops within the next 5 years. A plan Democrats do not seem to mind to much at this stage, if they did mind then they would be talking about impeachment. 90,000 troops is a great amount of troops, and a clear hint that within the next 5 years there will be a draft. We need to be done with this regime and its agenda altogether as a class of oppressed people and realize that as working class people we are being jipped of everything we once had. I for one like living in a free country with freedom of speech, let's stop this now and end this charade in its tracks. Impeach BUSH for war crimes and impeach his entire agenda!