M20M Serves Congressional Rep with Action Plan

by M20M Saturday, May. 27, 2006 at 1:07 PM

M20M (The May 20th Movement for Protection of Citizen Children of Undocumented Wokers) hand delivered the below Action Plan in person to a Member of Congress.

M20M Serves Congress...
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The May 20th handed and delivered the below Action Plan to U.S. Congressional Representative Lois Capps.The staff of Calf. Assemblyman Pedro Nava and other Democratic Party officeholders on May 20th 2006. also received the May 20th Declaration itself

May20thmovement Action Plan

Contact House of Reprenetative and others and demand they resist legislation stripping Los Ninos of citizenship rights.request H.B. amendment blocking deportation of parents of Los Ninos.

Develop a legal basis for and explicit procedures for a sanctuary cities policy and Non-Collaboration Protocols to block deportation of parents of US citizens.

Counter the development of a Snitch Culture which, in the manner of Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia, would pit neighbor against neighbor and encourage a system of informants collaborating with The State to the detriment of the people

Bring the situation to the attention of appropriate international agencies such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and the United Nations Human Rights Commission

Promote computer literacy, particularly amongst persons who may need computer access to overcome linguistic barriers.

Promote development of software translation, particularly translation of dialects such as Udu-Azteca, Mayan and other Nahautl languages

Promote cultural preservation of indigenous languages through computerization and literary arts

Educate all persons on the situation of indigenistas and persons who through circumstances have been forced to work without proper legal documentation

Oppose deportations which shock the sense through the hardship they may create in the lives of hard working people