Spanish Radio Joins Coalition Outreach

by Jesse Diaz Monday, Mar. 20, 2006 at 2:03 PM

MEDIA ADVISORY And PHOTO-OP MARCH 20TH, 2006 March 25 Coalition Against HR4437- Coalicion 25 de Marzo Contra La Ley Sensenbrenner Media Contact: Javier Rodriguez 323.788.3241 &

The March 25th Coalition Against Sensenbrenner Bill-HR4437 Will Coordinate Media Event at LA City Hall. Monday March 20, 2006 1:00 PM City Hall South Steps

A major development has risen in the massive grass roots campaign to defeat the anti immigrant, anti family, anti worker, anti union and anti Latino HR4437 Sensenbrenner Bill, the immigration reform bill approved in the House of Representatives on Dec. 16, 2005.

In an Unprecendented Display of Unity, Spanish Language Morning Radio Show Personalities Have Come together in Defense of their people. Subsequently, Millions Nationally Will Hear Historic Call to March Against Sensenbrenner Bill and for the Legalization of 12 Million Undocumented.

The popular LA Spanish Language radio disc jockeys/locutores have banded together and in a historical show of unity they will publicly endorse the March 25th Protest against the Sensenbrenner Bill in Downtown Los Angeles. They will also call on the millions of their Latino listeners nationally to join them in this epic march whose main goal is to influence and pressure Congress to reject the right wing legislation that criminalizes immigrants and Americans alike, calls for an embarrassing wall to be built on the border and does not resolve at all the status of the immigrants living, working and studying in our nation.

The march will join the rest of the country in calling for an immigration reform law that is humane, integral, comprehensive, family oriented and with a path to citizenship for the 12 million undocumented immigrants in this country. The event follows the Washingtoh DC and Chicago demonstrations with 20,000 and three hundred thousand respectively. The California street protest is expected to double the Chicago demonstration.

The Southern California March 25th Coalition which has obtained all the required permits will also briefly update the media on other developments, such as major endorsements and the cities and states and sectors mobilizing towards the 25th.

The list of Disc Jockeys/Locutores that will be present are:
Eduardo Sotelo El Piolin & Marcela Luevanos / KSCA La Nueva 101.9FM
Ricardo Sanchez El Mandril / KBUE la Que Buena
Hugo Cadelago y Gerardo Lorenz / KTNQ 1020AM
Omar Velasco / KLVE 107.5FM
Renan Almendarez Coello El Cucuy y Mayra Berenice / 97.7 La Raza
Pepe Garza / KBUE la Que Buena 105.1FM
Humberto Luna / La Ranchera
Francisco Galvez Pacorro / KRCD Recuerdo 98.3-103.9FM
Colo Barrera / Super Estrella 107.1FM
Nestor Pato Rocha / Super Estrella 107.1FM