Jeanne Friscia, Carol Golemboski

by Sugar Brown Sunday, Nov. 27, 2005 at 12:48 AM 310 838 3685 2716 South La Cienega Blvd.

George Billis Gallery, L.A. will exhibit recent photo based works by Jeanne Friscia, Carol Golemboski and a Holiday Salon Wall featuring small works by various artists. The exhibition will run from December 6 January 14, 2006. A reception for the artists will be held at the gallery on Saturday, December 10 from 5 8 p.m.

San Francisco artist, Jeanne Friscia, dissects our relationship with food by
re-contextualizing its most basic visual elements. Detailed manipulated photographs of meat, poultry and fish are served up in high-gloss, abstracted and fractured imagery. What could be considered grotesque becomes beautiful, sometimes even bordering on religious. Blurring the line between perception and consumption; Friscia states Meat poultry fish is a series of textile designs where the grocery store meat counter
display collides with the home decorating department of another 'super' store to consider the politics of eating and the larger question of natural resources and consumerism. Working digitally has allowed me to collapse traditional media where the work is at once representational and abstract, a hybrid of image and object.

Colorado based Carol Golemboski combines fiction and photography to create haunting lyrical works that reference the elusive presence of the past. By drawing and scratching on
negatives, Golemboski infuses the photographs with tension and mystery;
thus enabling her to explore the psychological realm of objects. Balanced
between beauty and decay her provocative inventions express anxiety over the passage of time, the inevitability of death, and a fascination with the unknown. As a visual artist Im able to satisfy my writing interests in this body of work by creating dark, fictional stories, then expressing those stories as photographs, states Golemboski.