LA's Downtown Indie-Movie Production Studio Opens to Outside Vendors

by Devai Pearce Thursday, Oct. 06, 2005 at 2:42 PM 213 447 8882 po box 431139, Los Angeles, CA 90034

LA' s downtown downtown budget production studios is now seeking outside vendors to locate within the facility to make one-stop shopping for filmmakers a reality.

Entertanium just publically announced some changes that will be happening as a result of the acquisition of an additional 10,000 square feet of space, at the facility that already held just over 30,000 square feet of
studio space that is mainly filled with sets.

Co-owner, Lynn Bornam states, "We have acquired additional space allowing us to expand our services and become a full, one stop production studio serving all your production needs.

She went on to say, "With the addition of associates in the film industry working out of the same central location we are creating an industry village where you can find all of your film making needs at one convenient location. " Entertainium Studios currently houses over 30 standing sets, and now 45,000 sq ft' of studio and offices,. Lynn thinks this is great for the low-budget filmmakers who have stories to tell, and puts resources that would be otherwise way out of budget, in their range. She says, "We provide options to productions that were only available at the major studios and out of reach to most ambitious, energetic film makers with a budget that precluded them from creating the sets they need and dressing them accordingly. "

The vision is to create an : Entertainment Village" and get it up and running as soon as now, so that offering all aspects of one's filmmaking needs under one conveniently located roof. One stop shopping will even include costuming, as the family-owned studio is currently acquiring,
cataloging and adding to our prop rental and wardrobe
over 1,000 items per day. Lynn Bournam adds, "Our new wardrobe, prop house, set design facility and sound stage in association with our many complimentary tenant's, we are adding services you require, without ever having to leave our film makers village." We hope to add additional services in collaboration with our many
friends in the film industry by offering space to
create a home base for their operations and completing what may be the first full service, independent film making studio in Los Angeles.

Opportunity exists for the following
film industry service companies:

Entertanium Studio Village

Space available to locate on our property for the
following film industry businesses

1. Catering:

Ample secured parking, and dock loading space to
dispatch catering trucks. Stage and store goods, and
maintain offices at our central Los Angeles location.

2. Sound and editing:

Offices and sound editing rooms complete with
acoustical, sensitive space built to your specific

3. Make-up:

A full make up salon facility to approximate and
maintain viable presence in the heart of the working
film industry and where film industry workers
congregate and share plans for upcoming shoots in
which to participate.

4. Lighting and Grip:

SOLD. This space is already taken by Derek Wells
and Unsung Heroes Unload: offering full lighting and
grip service to shoots of all sizes and scope.

5. Set design and building:

Large office, design and shop space
available with adjacent storage facilities for

6. Location scout services:
Talent scout services:

Offices available, 500 to 1200 sq ft

7. Post Production:

Space available and built to your

8. Camera:

SOLD Camera and film service available on site.



Inquire at Entertanium Studios, 2260 E 15 st.
Between Alameda and Sante Fe.

For more information please contact: 213 489 2001