Police tactics keep the bloc nonviolent

by spray can kid Thursday, Mar. 25, 2004 at 12:41 AM

i think we're suspecting the wrong people of being involved with the police.

i know for a fact that those 2 arrests weren't staged cuz i saw the people who were arrested in both insidences in the station in cuffs.

i was arrested for felony vandalism aswell, and when they brought me into the station, i saw the guy with the green bandana (the first "set-up arrest") and the guy with the spiderweb tats (part of the 2nd "set-up arrest") handcuffed to a bench, waiting to be booked. i didn't get to speak with them though, since i'm a juvy, they kept me in another room with a cop watching me until i was released into the cusdody of my parents. they guy with the tats even said hi to me as they brought me in.

instead of suspecting those who got arrested, i think we should be suspicious of whoever started saying it was a set-up. it seemed like almost immediately after the first guy was arrested, someone started trying to get us to move on by saying it was a set-up. the message spread through the block relatively quickly, and even more so during the second arrest. at the time, i beleived it was a set-up, just cuz thats what everyone in the bloc was saying. looking back, i think it was disgraceful how we abandoned our commrads like that.

could this possibly be a police tactic? to make us not interfere with what the police were doing and have us stay nonviolent. or maybe to make us start suspect our fellow activists.

i think this is far more likely than police seting up fake arrests. if this was a police tactic, i think it was pretty successful. since i was arrested, i'm not sure what happened later on, but i know there wasn't a breakaway. with all the stuff posted here on the break away, this supprised me. could it have been that these tactics discouraged the remaining bloc from breaking away?

i do, however, have to commend the bloc on their action during my arrest. larger members of the bloc pushed me behind them and tried to push the police away, and the cops noticed that. they were talking about it before they drove me to the station. one cop was talking about how someone threw a bottle and hit him in the head. i heard, although i didn't actually see, that the cops had to start gabbing and swinging their batons to arrest me.

thanks all, peace