Orange County F15 photos

by Sister J Sunday, Feb. 16, 2003 at 8:15 PM

Panoramic views of the Laguna Beach Peace Vigil and the city of Orange rally at Hart Park.

Orange County F15 ph...
f15_laguna3.jpg, image/jpeg, 800x146

Today we were part of an historical event.

While they may not have been as huge as the demonstrations Los Angeles and San Francisco, the demonstrations in Orange County had a great turnout! When we left Laguna Beach around 11:30, there were already about 100 people gathered. I don't know the numbers for the Hart Park rally and the march to the Orange Plaza, but it looked like at least 600 people.

In case you were unaware of this, Orange County, California is staunchly conservative, mostly Republican.

Some of the interesting "dialogue" from pro-war individuals whom I encountered during the day:

"Against International Law? Screw International Law! We're not part of the world, we're the United States!" (while I was explaining that a pre-emptive attack on Iraq was illegal according to International Law)

"They're all the same" (in reference to Arabs and Muslims when I explained that the Iraqis had nothing to do with September 11th).

"Wipe that smug smile off your face! People died so that you could march here". (I was smiling because I was pleased to be in a group of so many like-minded people, all desiring peace). I believe it was a city permit that allowed me to march there, and I doubt that the city required a human sacrifice, but what do I know?

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