The Only 'Action' That Can Work

by David Arthur Johnston Friday, Feb. 07, 2003 at 7:02 PM

Assuming love is real.

The only 'action' that can work is non-compliance, unto death, with pride and it's infrastructure.

We all must come to terms with knowing what we are, which is God (a tentacle of the infinite 4-dimensional fractal singularity that likes making pretty). Which means we are perfect- which means we have no excuse for not having perfect integrity.

I know. I know. We come from a place, in general, where we see ourselves as imperfect beings (which is pride's deception) and so we are weak- but not without the ability to become stronger. We forgive ourselves our inadequacies but do not content ourselves with them and know strength to overcome, truly, is found in love.

So then. Love. Go towards your happiness and trust that your thinking will give itself to practicality in attaining what you want. It is not, necessarily, waiting to have a plan to escape to, it's simply moving away from what we know we don't want because we know we don't want it so much that we would rather be dead than content ourselves with it; because it is a lie. So, don't believe in the lie, which is pride- define it however- know that love has been suggested and, with that, virtue--- if you want love you will want truth and if you want truth truth will become obvious.

Now know that money cannot but support pride.

Consider the reality of an (the) exodus from pride. Consider the reality of a world of trust where every brain is inspired by love. Simply consider love, because it's what you are.

In honour,



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