URGENT! Call Your L.A. City Council Member!

by Bob Squires Tuesday, Feb. 04, 2003 at 2:35 PM

Unbelieveably, the L.A. City Council's passing of the resolution in opposition to war against Iraq is far from guaranteed!

We urgently need mass phone calling to L.A. City Council members from their constituents letting them know of your strong support for this resolution!

50 cities have already passed an antiwar resolution and Los Angeles would be the largest city in the country to take a stand against this war!!!

PLEASE CALL TODAY! Here are the phone numbers for each council member:
· 1st Ed Reyes 213/485-3451
· 2nd Wendy Greuel 213/485-3391
· 3rd Dennis Zine 213/485-3466
· 4th Tom LaBonge 213/485-3337
· 5th Jack Weiss 213/485-5013
· 6th Ruth Galanter 213/485-3357
· 7th Alex Padilla 213/847-7777
· 9th Jan Perry 213/485-3351
· 10th Nate Holden 213/485-3323
· 11th Cindy Miscikowski 213/485-3811
· 12th Hal Bernson 213/485-3343
· 13th Eric Garcetti 213/485-3353
· 14th Nick Pacheco 213/485-3335
· 15th Janice Hahn 213/485-3347