by Lue Tuesday, Feb. 04, 2003 at 9:36 AM

Alex Jones of reveals several startling facts about the shuttle disaster.

On The Alex Jones Show this morning ( Alex revealed several of the strange goings on surrounding the shuttle disaster.

Among the most shocking news was that this was the first time in the long history of the shuttle program that a space shuttle took this particular reentry route. The shuttle was nearly 40 miles in the sky when it detonated. Given that it was over texas and heading to the cape for a landing the shuttle would have had to decend at about three times its normal rate of reentry. At such high reentry speeds its not surprising that a disaster happened. But why would NASA flight engineers deliberatly bring the shuttle in faster then normal, on a flight path that the shuttle has historically never used? Could this explosion right over Waco be a planned event to unify the country behind the president right before a war? If you are a new wolrd order buff you will be aware of the use of numerology that the new world order loves using, from 9/11 to this the 113th shuttle flight highly conspicuous numbers are used by the new world order to increase the effect of their actions. When you hear 911 you used to think of the police and the fire department, when you hear 13 we have been programmed to associate that with bad luck,, friday the 13th ect. The big media attention being focused on the isreali astronaught is being used to bond the american people with the iseali people,. Isreal will be one of the biggest supporters of the US war in Iraq. Is all this a coincidence, a tragedy at this percarious moment in time, right on the verge of a new, unpopular war in the middle east pushed by an administration which needed the help of the supreme court in the most narrowly defined decision the court has ever rendered? PEOPLE WAKE UP, YOU ARE BEING LIED TO BY THE ADMINISTRATION AND THE CORPORATE/CIA MEDIA.