US Military turned Buccaneers for Oil Endangers Common Defense

by Ann Diener Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2003 at 5:35 AM

President Bush violates original intent of the US Military and Endangers Common Defense with Nuclear Threat

The War in the Persian Gulf is a direct violation of what the United States Military is intended for.

President Bush is using our personnel as Buccaneers to go over and take their oil rather than negotiating for better prices.

What part of providing for the common defense is not clear?

Will a nuclear war with Iraq defend our country or will it encourage retaliation?

Thereby obviously he is not providing for the common defense by entering this war.

With regards to our men and women in uniform, this is the first war where they are saying the casualties will mot be sent home for burial. They will be cremated overseas. Is that a way to conceal the dead, due to biochemical agents that our corporations sold to the Iraqis. What will happen to our men and women in uniform? I know about covert action.

Last time, my ex-boyfriend Mark fought in the Persian Gulf was over there and told by his commanding officer to shoot surrendering Iraqi's in the back to increase their casualties, what about friendly fire, will this happen to dissenters? What if certain people within the military, according to a Delta Force person who I spoke with in Los Angeles, are really not out to provide for the common defense- he spoke out about several higher ups on a Radio Station in Los Angeles.

This possibility to conceal injures the American citizen and the military. It has the potential for destroying our country. Are there higher-ups involved in a Secret Government that has the potential to annihilate our American backbone that the men and women in uniform protect with their lives every day. This issue must be addressed within our intelligence gathering and within the intelligence community. People know more than they are saying. Are they threatening everyone in power who wishes to speak out?

Address the issue. War for Oil humiliates our military and turns us into thieves and endangers our country and its citizens. Peace is the real PLAN and the Constitution with its preamble should be our guide.

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