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by l.cekander MUSEUM RESEARCH TEAM UNCOVERS NEW UFO EVIDENCE NOBEL NOMINEE DR.GILBERT JORDAN STATES ARMY HAS MATERIAL VERY SIMILAR TO THE RECOVERED UFO OBJECT OF BOB WHITE. ALSO THERE IS A CONCENTRATED EFFORT TO HIDE THE TRUTH ABOUT UFO'S. MUSEUM OF THE UNEXPLAINED INTERNATIONAL UFO INVESTIGATIONS GROUP FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE THE MUSEUM OF THE UNEXPLAINED, LOCATED IN REEDS SPRING MISSOURI, HAS OBTAINED NEW INFORMATION CONCERNING AN OBJECT RECOVERED BY BOB WHITE IN THE 80’S. TO PRESENT THIS NEW INFORMATION TO THE PRESS AND TO THE PUBLIC, A PRESS CONFERENCE HAS BEEN SCHEDULED FOR 10:00 AM ON WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2003 AT THE HARRAH’S LAUGHLIN RESORT IN LAUGHLIN, NEVADA. THE PRESS CONFERENCE ON FEBRUARY 5TH IS BY INVITATION ONLY. ON FEBRUARY 6, 2003, THE OBJECT WILL ON DISPLAY TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC AND THE EXPERTS WILL BE AVAILABLE TO TAKE QUESTIONS. BELOW IS A STATEMENT BY DR. GILBERT JORDAN: NOBEL NOMINEE GOES ON RECORD PERTAINING TO UFO OBJECT STORY (Reeds Spring, MO) Dr. Gilbert Jordan (CEM, MEA, PE), nominated as a candidate for the physics Nobel Prize in 1999 by members from the AIP, listed in Marquis “Who’s Who in Science and Engineering” (3rd edition) has gone on record concerning several related UFO stories. He confirmed that he had seen an object recovered from a supposed UFO in the 1940’s similar to that described in a SECRET Army Counterintelligence Corps file that was declassified in 1998. Dr. Jordan told Bob White, Director of the Museum of the Unexplained in Reeds Spring, MO that the UFO object described in C.I.C. File #202085 (“Flying Saucer from Denmark”) was very similar to the UFO object Bob White recovered in the 1980s in Colorado. Bob White’s object is displayed at the Museum of the Unexplained in Reeds Spring. The declassified file with pictures of the Denmark “Flying Saucer” object can be seen on the Fort Belvoir website . Dr. Gilbert Jordan was a scientist and engineer for Edwards AFB, and DOE/DOD Contractors in California, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, and Minnesota; and had many different clearance ID cards. He has visited many Department of Defense facilities, including Groom Lake, NWC, Dugway, etc. In the past he has had discussions with Dr. E. U. Condon pertaining to the “Condon Report.” He stated that he would “give the Air Force what they wanted”. Dr. Jordan admitted that there is an overall “cover-up” protect the public from itself (“Home land security”). “We have reverse engineered alien technology for our benefit”. The Germans already were working on such advanced technology during the Second World War. But Hitler didn’t trust Jewish and Alien Science. “We here at the Museum of the Unexplained wish to express our sincere thanks to Dr. Jordan for having the courage and honesty to come forward with the truth!” said Bob White. The Bob White Encounter with photographs of his UFO object and link to the secret Army file with photographs of the “Flying Saucer from Denmark” can be found at I have read this updated and corrected press release and agree with all references to me. I am going on record that I have seen at an Army Facility an Object similar to that described in C.I.C. File #202085 and told Bob White that it was a light weight object, but smaller than that of his object described on his website with similar unique characteristics. Gilbert Jordan HDSc 1-11-03 Note: It is the opinion of the undersigned that the aluminum silicon alloy is not a known alloy readily manufactured by conventional technology. Extreme conditions must have created the feathered chads found on the object. PN Junction Laser studies and structural analytical studies should be performed on the object to establish characteristics. Chromium isotope studies need to be completed to establish extraterrestrial origin of the object in question. The object registers high acceleration impact and advanced shaped charge projectile penetrator characteristics. Witnessed by Robert H. Gibbons 1/11/03 BOB WHITE’S STORY HAS BEEN EXTENSIVELY RESEARCHED SINCE 1996 BY THE HARD EVIDENCE TEAM; AND SINCE 2000, BY THE MUSEUM OF THE UNEXPLAINED RESEARCH AND INVESTIGATION TEAM. EXTENSIVE DOCUMENTATION OF TEST RESULTS FROM VARIOUS LABORATORIES AROUND THE COUNTRY HAVE CONCLUDED THE FOLLOWING: 1. THE MATERIAL IS OVER 80% ALUMINUM WITH THE STRENGTH OF STEEL. 2. THE MATERIAL CONTAINS TRACE AMOUNTS OF VERY RARE ELEMENTS SUCH AS STRONTIUM, GALLIUM, MOLYBDENUM, EUROPIUM AND OTHER TRACE ELEMENTS. ALL AGREE IT IS NOT SPACE DEBRIS, IT IS NOT ORGANIC IN ORIGIN, AND IT WAS SUBJECT TO EXTREME HEATING, CAUSING A MOLTEN STATE, AND COOLING IN A SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME. IT WAS ALSO EJECTED AND FORMED UNDER HIGH PRESSURE FROM AN UNKNOWN PROCESS. SINCE THE ORIGINAL FINDINGS ON THE MATERIAL, DECLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS OBTAINED THROUGH THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT SHOW A PIECE OF MATERIAL RECOVERED BY THE ARMY COUNTER- INTELLIGENCE CORPS IN DENMARK IN THE 1940s, PRIOR TO THE ROSWELL INCIDENT, THAT IS VERY SIMILAR IN FORM TO THE BOB WHITE MATERIAL. THIS MATERIAL WAS RECOVERED FROM A FLYING SAUCER OR DISK. THESE ARE THE MILITARY'S OWN WORDS FROM THE DOCUMENTS. THREE INDEPENDENT SOURCES WERE USED TO VERIFY THESE DOCUMENTS: 1. JOHN GREENEWALD, A FOIA EXPERT IN RECOVERING GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS AND THE OWNER OF THE BLACK VAULT, THE LARGEST REPOSITORY OF GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS LOCATED ANYWHERE OTHER THAN THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT ARCHIVES 2. CLIFFORD STONE, A UFO RESEARCHER FROM ROSWELL NEW MEXICO 3. THE UNITED STATES ARMY INFORMATION WEB SITE, LOCATED AT FORT BELVIOR, VA. ALL THREE SOURCES VARIFY THE AUTHENTICTY OF THESE DOCUMENTS. SINCE THE VERIFICATION OF THE CIC DOCUMENTS, SEVERAL SCIENTISTS HAVE COME FORWARD: 1. DR. ROBERT GOLKA, WHO RECREATED SOME OF TESLA’S EXPERIMENTS, AND WHO PLANS TO DO ADDITIONAL TESTS ON A PIECE OF BOB WHITE’S OBJECT. 2. DR. ROBERT GIBBONS, ONE THE FIRST NASA SCIENTISTS TO USE LASERS AS A RESEARCH TOOL. DR GIBBONS HAS STATED THAT THERE IS A POSSIBLITY THAT THERE IS ENCODED INFORMATION IN THE BOB WHITE OBJECT SIMILAR TO A LASER DISC. MORE TESTS ARE NEEDED TO CONFIRM THIS, BUT THE MATERIAL DOES SHOW MANY CHARACTERISTICS UNDER LASER LIGHT. THESE TESTS WERE PERFORMED BY THE MUSEUM'S RESEARCH TEAM IN MISSOURI. 3. DR. GILBERT JORDAN, NOBEL NOMINEE IN PHYSICS, WHO HAS STATED WHILE WORKING FOR THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, HE HAS SEEN THE MILITARY'S MATERIAL RECOVERED BY THE COUNTER INTELLIGENCE CORPS IN DENMARK AND IT IS VERY SIMILAR TO THE OBJECT RECOVERED BY MR. WHITE IN COLORADO IN THE 80’S. THIS IS MORE INDEPENDENT VERIFICATION OF THE AUTHENTICITY OF THE BOB WHITE OBJECT AND THAT THE GOVERNMENT DOES HAVE SAID MATERIAL.