Bush Daddy Spam

by Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenge Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2002 at 12:48 PM

Stupid postulations about and by morons.

My Daddy said that there has to be an explanation for all the references to Spam throughout the time that I have been posting on the Internet. I bet that there are thirty definitions for the word "spam" by now; but they generally mean "outright falsehoods or useless trivia". The falsehoods of Bush Daddy Tribe usually go unchallenged; thus no body ever calls them "spam". Now that my Housing discrimination complaint has been dismissed by an important government official, I question whether this was the legal "fedya guvmint thug" branch of the true "fedya guvmint thugs" that terrorize the populace with their stupidity. This seems like a repeat of "Justice New York Style" (25099), where the dismissal of the Attorney General and the dissolution of the Appellate Division seemed to be the only solution. Now these legitimate "fedya guvmint thugs" are not like Terry Garahan, who ends up unnamed in photographs like that of him capturing one of the Weathermen(219952 &221527(inc. comments)). These legitimate "fedya guvmint thugs" are like the Justice Dept. official that collared former DC Mayor Marion Barry with a crack pipe. Did you notice that he recently re-surfaced to resolve the "Janet Reno Voting Controversey" in Florida? That is what these legitimate "fedya guvmint thugs" are retained for; to live off their past "front page accomplishments" until another opportunity comes along to assist the lawlessness of the Serpent that is Zionism(132033). The same thing happened when the Justice Dept. quashed my copyright infringement case against the USPO for my registered copyright of the "Heart of Israel" with a lot of mumbo-jumbo from a guy named "DeVito" in the Justice Dept. So they dismissed my Housing discrimination complaint while the investigation was proceeding; and they changed my alleged "paranoid schizophrenic" diagnosis to "mental disability". How many poopheads does it take to prove that I have a "mental disability"? Do they know that deafness is now considered to be a "physical disability"? Do they know that they have probably slandered me? They offer me the chance to take it to the Supreme Court of New York if I want to contest this dismissal. That is probably how alleged Dr. Exarchou makes his diagnoses stick(62371); he gets a lot of poopheads in court to back him up. They really believe in the power of stupidity! They expect you to believe in the power of stupidity too! It remains to be seen if BDT murdered every single teacher that ever tried to address the stupidity of Bush Daddy or his kid. Via the massive spam machine, the Niggardly Asinine Zionist Media(NAZM); the BDT has tried to make the emptyheaded Bushes into war heroes. If they succeed, they would attempt to legalize the the murderous "fedya guvmint thugs" who have been pilfering the accounts of the disabled, and more. In this case, spam is Stupid Postulations About(& by) Morons, and BDT will call everything else, "spam", in order to promote their stupid postulations about the Bushes. Although one might call the gibberish of the NAZM, "spam"; why would anyone try to contest the unquestionable stupidity with which BDT promotes the Serpent that is Zionism(49490, 53907, 132033, & 224404)? It would be a waste to contest the stupidity of the Bush Daddy Detachment(205811) of Bush Daddy Country(200807) or any of the spam thrown at you by the NAZM as long as Bush Daddy Religion(204463) has BDT embracing a prophetic role.

Fifteen months ago I described how the word "spam" allegedly originated with the word "spam" overriding all other words in Monty Python's Spam commercial. There appears to be more to the word, "spam" than having BDT spamming me by having "Anti-Spam" yell, "Spam!" every time that I write everything. It seems like BDT tried to force-feed the public their definition of the word, "spam" when a cooking oil spray called, Spam appeared on the shelves; and BDT rapidly changed the name of this cooking oil spray to Pam. The probable truth about this Spam-Pam cooking oil spray is that BDT was trying to conceal that BDT had been spraying this highly flamable oil on the "tobacco" of Monty Python and the "Medes", making the "Medes" cough like banshees(Is. 13:17); thus BDT thought that they were doing God a favor by making the "Medes" smoke a flamable oil that rivals the crack-laced paraffin of the Storm Troopers of America as a debilitating lung irritant(Rev. 17:16; 26851 & 27490). "Is he spamming me? No no no! He's spamming your "tobacco"!"

Twisted truths, utter falsehoods, and unsound doctrine are the unadvertised spam that BDT uses to promote the reign of lawlessness(2 Tim. 4:3; 2 Thess. 2:3-8). "Spin control" is the spam that the NAZM uses to enthrone illiterate puppet rulers and much more a la Creative NonViolence(33468 & 190292). To increase the power of lawlessness, the chemical-mongering misfits of BDT are selectively spammed until they believe that being stupid about terrorizing the public with toxic chemicals is proof of their masculiniality and the power of being stupid(128276 & 194653). If nothing else, BDT will come and spam the public with their "persecuted people myth", expecting the public to pity the stupidity that has been used to terrorize and murder for ages. BDT will shout, scream, cry, or even kill some of their own people to spam you with their professed distress(132033). Bush Daddy claims that there has been a Gad-like uprising in California as a result of the computer espionage, promoted by the "fedya guvmint thugs" and the computer industry(Gen. 49:19; Deut. 33:20-21; 182222 & 195909). Is Bill Gates "Gad"? Bush Daddy keeps calling Indymedia, "E-mail"; thus Bush Daddy explains that the latest and all prior blockage of IMC sites with the moronic contention that "E-mail" is Nicky's mail, which can be monitored and played with in the interests of the Serpent that is Zionism; after all Nicholas Exarchou is known as "Dr. E" at Binghamton Psychiatric Center. "Dr. E" is probably considered to be an important "fedya guvmint thug" for his attempts at jump-starting Bush Daddy's stupidity with electro-shock when Bush Daddy was in the White House. They should have tried a lobotomy; that's what Bush Daddy said that he had done to his little girl when she insulted his stupidity. Hold on a second while the NAZM spams you with the image of Bush Daddy as the brilliant loving loyal war hero, gone fishing for a line to define his stupidity! Dummkopf Nazi Hitlerites, left to defend the stupidity of Hitler after Hitler has quietly slipped out of the picture. Spam! Spam! Need more spam to cover that picture up! Stick these Bushes on an Ivy campus and see if that makes them look smart! Spam! Spam! Need more spam!

So it all probably started when BDT started spraying Spam cooking oil on Monty Python's "tobacco", and Monty Python is probably still yelling, "Spam!" wherever he is. Now BDT considers spam to be anything opposed to the murderous designs of Bush Daddy's Zionism; and BDT ends up spamming everyone by crying, "Spam!". Whether it was retarded gibberish or not, I would spam these dummkopf Nazi Israelite-wannabes with the poetry of proud John Dryden and send them packing with their damn fool King, crowned at McDonalds in the late nineties. "Hold it! This King has no heart! The Heart of Israel will make Bush Daddy, Great Dead King, damn fool king no more!" (93509) Hopefully BDT will no longer find empowerment by slandering Bob. " Aw Gee! It's so easy to talk behind a deaf person's back!" BDT will slander your poop and your toilet paper if they can't get anything else on you. It's all spam to them. Slander is spam on the offense. Let them go spam the Orthodox Christmas in Jerusalem. Do not go up on the rooftop! I'm not spamming you!

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenger