[PFMPE] Promising Prosperity, and Delivering Perpetually Multiplied Indebtedness

by mike montagne - PEOPLE For Perfect Economy Saturday, Dec. 28, 2002 at 4:22 PM

Since banking-imposed instability and maldistribution of wealth paved the way to pretend central banking was a solution for banking-imposed instability and maldistribution of wealth, we have a century of the Democrat and Republican parties, tied to the purse strings of the instrument of multiplying indebtedness they ostensibly founded on our behalf.

Thursday, December 26, 2002

[PFMPE] Parties of Betrayal

Promising Prosperity, and Delivering Perpetually Multiplied Indebtedness

Since banking-imposed instability and maldistribution of wealth paved the way to pretend central banking was a solution for banking-imposed instability and maldistribution of wealth, we have a century of the Democrat and Republican parties, tied to the purse strings of the instrument of multiplying indebtedness they ostensibly founded on our behalf.



“The study of money, above all other fields... is one in which complexity is used to disguise truth or to evade truth, not to reveal it.”

John Kenneth Galbraith

When asked what kind of government the founders had given us, Benjamin Franklin answered, "A republic, if you can keep it."

To elevate the prospects of self government above mob rule, the principle of representation was extended from a long history and limitless diversity of worthiness.

Public affirmation of the fact of representation however, remains unsecured, as abuse of public faith can survive even a century of violated mandate, if the nature of the abuse accumulates all wealth, and by it purchases, officer by officer and term by term, governments wholly disposed to perpetuating the disservice.

From IRS collection of unconstitutionally multiplied debt and costs of government, to a judicial branch which has never challenged the constitutionality and nature of a system which can only multiply debt to collapse, to legislatures assenting to multiplication of every cost, to chief executive after chief executive who promises prosperity and delivers multiplying indebtedness, no matter how lowly their claims to have accounted otherwise for it, what office of government now serves us?

The limitation of rule as imposed under the Constitution is itself a vital precept of any truly free society. When the intention to rule at the cost of liberty, justice, or prosperity is assumed by government, each are lost. Any further government which perpetuates that loss too abuses representation, and makes itself the enemy of the governed.

When the Constitution is violated by every branch of government, then as the Constitution defends the will of the people, every branch of government abuses the people. No subject of the government today will profit by the multiplication of debts accumulated in the iniquities of the present, unassented, "central banking" system. Every penny of interest and every penny of multiplied debt, every moment spent earning those pennies against the adversities imposed by the usury intrinsic to central banking, and every property and opportunity lost under usury, are gone forever to a central banking system which in fact was devised to take these things, and provides us nothing.

Franklin's answer purposefully expresses the fact representation is readily abused. Public review of the extended powers of government therefore, is vital to any free, just and self-determined society.

That officers ever escape the smallest measure of responsibility, or that any government is above review and rejection, make every abuse of representation possible.

Would central banking survive if everywhere it were subject to outright rejection?

Or would any officer impose central banking, if upon refutation of any purported service, responsible officers were held accountable for the costs unrightfully imposed from the very beginning?

What citizen would defend irreversible, perpetual multiplication of indebtedness in proportion to a circulation or the commerce which can be sustained by it?

Then what of every government which sees to the entrenchment of every such system?

The suggested virtue of representation of course, assumably derives from both an exemplary understanding and disposition to see to fruition, what best serves interests held in common. To pretend representation while entrenching structures to serve the few at the cost of the rest; to perpetually misrepresent the nature of those structures by every possible public and private device; and to ignore, decade after decade, a singular prescription for vital structure equally serving all, suggests an effort at betrayal so intentionally thorough as to spare no detail of subversion.

Across a world subject to accumulation of all wealth by central banking, and consequently subject to leveraging of that unearned wealth to perpetuate the facade central banking serves the subject society, there is no possibility that representation has been successful. No PRODUCER prospers by a system which usurps, to an ever greater degree, the very capacity to produce and possible reward for production, until the costs of supporting debt even terminate era after era.

Central banking is the most hideous pretension of a solution for the evils imposed by privately owned circulations, which profit those whose printing presses will acquire all production.

Central banking is not about principles, or deserving what we earn. Central banking in fact makes it impossible to earn what we deserve, because what we pay in interest comprises what portion of production is diverted to the central bankers for naught.

Central banking IS maldistribution of wealth on a stupendous scale — of every penny of interest, and every penny by which debt is increased beyond the original value of indebted production. By maldistribution of wealth of that stupendous scale, central banking can afford every subversion of a mindless public. Directly or indirectly, central banking owns virtually all things, including the ostensibly independent media from which you are delivered deliberate refrain from addressing the real meat of present matters — that central banking is world enemy number one.

It is no mere coincidence the parties of betrayal, and the phony spinsters tethered to the same purse strings, are purposely deaf but to a system which serves their few at the cost of the rest. By "interest," the thieves and usurpers the parties of betrayal portray as "your" central bankers, own even more than you can produce under present debt. Under the fathomable facade every nation's currency must be introduced by select private parties for illimitable, ever-multiplying profit, most of the world's capacity to prosper is precluded or absorbed by central bankers.

The means of that ever-multiplying absorption and ever-multiplying preclusion however are irreversible multiplication of debt, and therefore the crimes of the many sucklings are no less than the consequences of irreversible multiplication of debt for naught.

To pretend authority while in fact compromising obvious principles at such a cost to the rest of us, is no small crime. But the pretended authority by which this huge crime is perpetrated is a shallow issue to fathom. Why indeed IS IT, in the decades we have exposed this to them, no mainstream newsmedia exposes the mere fact fallen economies are an unavoidable consequence of a circulation, meant for profit by irreversible multiplication of debt in proportion to a circulation or the commerce which can be sustained by it? Even young children readily comprehend the reason.

The fact that merely to maintain a circulation we must borrow interest and principal as new debt increased so much as periodic interest, means perpetual, irreversible multiplication of debt by ever greater increments for the rest of us — and the ever greater preclusion and absorption of prosperity which can only ensue. Whole nations are dropped to their knees by this brand of falsely important "capitalist," who by definition of the very instrument of "capitalism," a currency subject to "interest" and irreversibly multiplying debt, makes our prospering equal to our contribution to prosperity ever less possible, until, as has every such system, prosperity itself collapses.

Despite tremendous advancements in our capacity to produce, multiplication of debt has people after people paying lifetime after lifetime for homes produced by a few month's work. While spinsters for the central bank's parties of betrayal tell us "It's all relative," we are paying thousands of dollars per month for a $35,000 home built in 1963 — already paid for a hundred times over.

If it WERE "all relative," we would HAVE PAID once only for a home built by a few months work, with an equal measure of work. Every penny beyond the original $35,000 cost of that home comprises the unearned profit of the central banking system, and the multiplication of cost to the subject society.

As it is only possible to pay for production with an equal measure of production in a system where debt is not multiplied in proportion to a circulation by interest, and where we pay for production as we consume of it, a $35,000 home with a hundred year lifespan costs $350 per year, or $29 per month. Total indebtedness is NEVER greater than the value of the indebted asset; and beyond any reasonable doubt, no obstruction whatsoever exists to rightful prosperity.

There is no instability to be suffered at all under mathematically perfected economy, as no systemic condition obstructs or impedes production or reward for production. But instead of realizing the benefits of multiplying our capacities to produce, central banking eventually makes us barely able to keep up with the interest on debt — which every such system can only multiply further.

There is but one consequence to a circulation comprised of debt subject to interest, and that consequence was made obvious enough in the first cycle of collapse imposed a mere 15 years into the history of the so-called Federal Reserve System. In our own short history, we have been warned by Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Congressman Louis T. McFadden, Abraham Lincoln, Henry Ford, and many others.

America has allowed subversives occupying nearly every office to violate and diminish the Constitution. As their system multiplies debt to your ever nearer demise, none of your criminals who pretend to be your dear friends and patriots of the same flavor as those who set up the nation they now plunder as did the king before them, can save you in pursuing the business they meant to pursue from the very beginning. The parties they are beholden to are none other than the central banks who steal us blind and finance their election. So why is it only Honorable Representative Ron Paul stands to repeal the Federal Reserve Act, and you know nothing of the Libertarian Party?

So blatantly abusive of power are the ostensible representatives before us, it is often so much as said, that only a fool would bother to vote any longer. Yet they keep manufacturing approval polls to tell us we think the purposes of central banking, wars, big oil, and every ulterior policy serve us. Every United States President since and including Gerald Ford has received a full explanation that a circulation subject to interest can only multiply debt in proportion to the circulation and commerce which can be sustained by it, that ever greater instability and preclusion are suffered, until ultimate collapse. The system however is about deliberate profit of the few at the cost of the rest. Your president and my own representative receive every one of these newsletters, and why have they never responded to the prospect of mathematically perfected economy?

"Normally," in the next few days, we carelessly celebrate another new year. This year, in towns recently suffering 2-3 foreclosures a year, there are 30 foreclosures a month.

The parties of betrayal however, all the while denied what had come was even coming. Today, they hope to charm you into believing the troubles upon us will simply go away if "we" adhere to the prescriptions of central banking, which multiplies debt in proportion to any circulation and the commerce which can be sustained by it, until the costs of servicing debt render the conditions of this very moment, and the conditions of yet greater debt just beyond.

Thus this is an appeal for perpetual review. No deserving public simply dismisses the consequences of a century of betrayal. Representation cannot exist where it cannot be certified. In the interest of a future we can carefully celebrate, perhaps we can consider, only ONE system CAN provide prosperity and justice for all.

mike montagne — PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy

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