Help a Class War Vet buy a used 10speed in LA

by mario Friday, Dec. 27, 2002 at 12:41 PM
imario_(at) student inn on hollywood blvd

want used bike, help a disabled class war vet (you will get major activist points for this) :^)

I am interested in buying a basic used 10, 12, or 18 speed bike for $75 or under that is in working condition. I have my own rims and tires.

If you can help me out please send an email with a description of the bike and your offering price..I'll get back with you pronto on whether I'm wanting to buy. Since I will be moving to LA on Amtrak in the early morning of January 5 and will have no transportation other than mass transit, please let me know what time on Sunday the 5th and what subway/light rail station you could meet me at. Due to some arthritis in the knees I can't be walking more than a couple blocks from a station to a residence without pain...

I will be available in the morning and afternoon.