ADDICTED TO WAR: Why the U.S. Can't Kick Militarism by Joel Andreas

by Joel Andreas Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2002 at 3:02 PM

ADDICTED TO WAR takes on the most active, powerful and destructive military in the world. Hard-hitting, carefully documented, and heavily illustrated, it reveals why the U.S. has been involved in more wars in recent years than any other country. Read ADDICTED TO WAR to find out who benefits from these military adventures, who pays and who dies.

"ADDICTED TO WAR is a witty and devastating portrait of U.S. military policy, a fine example of art serving society".

~Howard Zinn,

author of "The People's

History of the United States"


"Political comics at its best. Bitterly amusing, lively and richly informative. For people of all ages who want to understand the link between U.S. militarism, foreign policy, and corporate greed at home and abroad.

~Michael Parenti,

author of "History As Mystery" and "Kill A Nation"


"Our young people will learn more about the cult of militarism in this short and accurate book by Joel Andreas, than they might learn in their first twelve years of schooling. Withholding this kind of information from the young is a betrayal of the sacred trust given to educators. Withholding this kind of information has led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of fine young people who have died as the enemy in places where they were not wanted. It has led to the death of millions of civilians who were completely innocent victims of the Addicts of War. Promulgating this book is a consciousness raising and life saving venture".

~Blase Bonpane, Ph.D.

Director, Office of the Americas


"Addicted to War" is not only a witty and entertaining portrait of our military war dependent economy but a truly relevant insight not available in mainstream media, something our children should know before they must make their choice to become fodder for the military machine.

~Susan Sarandon, Actress


"The idiocy of war is apparent. What is amazing is that no matter the tracts, essays and books telling us this through the ages, we resist that truth. Hopefully this political comic by Joel Andreas can pierce the tough hide of man's mind and heart."

~Edward Asner, Actor


"Addicted To War is must reading for Americans of all ages, who are concerned with understanding the true nature of U.S. foreign policy and how it effects us here at home".

~Martin Sheen, Actor

Original: ADDICTED TO WAR: Why the U.S. Can't Kick Militarism by Joel Andreas