America's Lost World War: Revolutionary Duty

by Friday Addams Tuesday, Oct. 08, 2002 at 9:19 PM Pele's Cauldron

Hail Hominids, with Reflected Flares of Central Radiance!

America's Lost World War:

The Profit of Doom


My fellow Americans now led astray

toward the burning sands of Armageddon

and the gnashing teeth of Babylonia

by a jug-eared idiot son of a Bush

a Biblical twist of lost souls winning

a war on the world while watching TV

Always the same men with glaring eyes

larger than life and twice as mean

roasting the world with a roar of applause

and the waving of flags proudly held high

saluting of citizens and marching of men

shooting of cannons and broadcast of threats

America the unilateral land of the free

market of values melting pot of Mammon

boasting of greatness and oily excess

tossing all protest behind with our trash

revving the engines of our industry

in the face of a brutalized weeping world

Home of the brave few who dare to resist

an insidious slick conditioning of control

a war on the mind in the vacuum of soul

losing the world in the pledge of obedience

to spies and criminals and General Electric

a nation of fattened domesticated herd-apes

Armed with an army an air force a navy against

everyone else and even ourselves now say CIA

this time the world war includes satellites and lasers

atomic submarines the size of cities and destroyers

secret energy beams stealth bombs and viruses

enough to end the world as our children would never

All these ruthless powers we have given to an idiot

an elite cabal of fascist oilmen drug dealers and spies

for some illusion of security in the roots of slavery

America the brutal the fallen the corrupted the sold

the stolen the bloody the toxic the greedy the deadly

doom promises grand profits according to our TVs

Trillions of American dollars going into a war machine

who keeps track anymore and who even cares

where all this human energy and processed planet

ending in the bank accounts of whom and why again

we are blindly following behind these men for centuries

feeding their hunger for blood madness chaos and control

America has lost the war on the world before it has begun

conquered by the worms that escaped Nuremberg

sold our souls to dead presidents of the white race

followed a dangerous path carved out by the CIA

armoring ourselves with high-tech holocausts

feeding our overstocked supermarkets until spoiled

Once the war has begun does America believe it will win

with 5 billion opponents and not enough barbed wire

will our children be thanking us for saving their future

while the vast masses of mankind are cursing us

for stealing their possibilities and being so stupid

will we still be applauding the son of a Bush then

When the bombs drop and drop they will on us

if we allow these military men to loose their drones

will we all be living in bunkers or in burning heaps

our flags hidden in smoke our cities filled with bones

when our world turns grey and America is a memory

what will the world think of our war and our wasteland

If America loses the world war who will win then

China Islam Cuba Canada the Indians and Hawaiians

the coyotes the cockroaches the weeds the microbes

will our children win their world back from madmen

will women and wisdom be honored and heard

or will we keep tuned to TV until the sorry end

America, America man sheds his waste on thee

we call it progress and patriotism and pride

while the poisons seep into our skin and eyes

so we can not see the bloody stripes crooked stars

being soaked with the gore of our world at war

around a white circle and a spinning broken cross

Sith Cruthnii

White Rose Collective

All Hallow's 2002

Children of the Mist


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Sunday, September 29, 2002

Revolutionary Duty


one Nation over ALL

even the Invisible

the Land we are are born in

the Language we learn

the Gods we submit to

the flags forced upon us

the weapons placed in our hands

the Laws we choose to follow

our chains of Identity

Mind a magickal mirror

smudged with fear

cracked by avarice

powdered over with pride

a prejudicial puffery

filled with the ghosts of

millions who came before

peering through smoke

whispering in dreams

Warning about war

killing for your country

freedoms fought over

murder and military

solutions with orders

orders with solutions

madness and money

reasons for revenge

how illogical in Death

World torn and bleeding

pleas rising in flames

begging for relief

surviving on loans

discarded in debris

burnt beaten barbed

poisoned and paved

lost sold processed

a child's skull in sand

when children ask why

we're whiling away Time

while our world goes to Hell

what should we say?

listen to the ghosts

remember your wars

loan them an order

sell them a solution:

business as usual?

Friday Addams

New American Rebels

All Hallow's 2002

Special Skull & Bones Bonfire

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Thursday, September 26, 2002


Galactic Security Force Omega Declaration to Sol3 Hominids

Hail Hominids, with Reflected Flares of Central Radiance!

Galactic Security serves the will of the Galactic Alliance through the network of Galactic Intelligence, and thus we deliver to you on Sol3 this Declaration on behalf of the Beings who choose to live in harmony with the Galactic Laws of Symbiosis, on this stardate 2452541.060023.

Your planet has been in a state of confinement since that most tragic occasion one hominid generation ago, wherein one of your "national" forces ignited atomic clusters over populated areas of another "nation." Let it be known to all hominids dwelling on Sol3 that igniting atomic material on an intact planet is not only unwise, but a violation of Galactic Laws. Using atomic weaponry against another sentient race is punishable by confinement, and using such weaponry on one's own race is a symptom of deep disease and insanity in a primitive technoid development zone. Such behavior will be contained, and intervention will be taken if necessary.

The degradation of your environment, and the misappropriation of your resources by some of your "national" organizations is most tragic to observe, as a large majority of your race is suffering unnecessary starvation and illness, exposed to the elements, while a small minority live in luxurious excess and gluttony. Your planet has the potential, and was deemed not long ago, to be a Garden of Splendor, a unique and abundant genetic repository with overflowing rivers of fresh water. Your enabling of "national" and "corporate" organizations to exploit, ravage, and poison your environment is leading rapidly to your own extinction, like hatchlings spoiling their own nest, until they drown in filth.

Let it be known that every leader of your race who shares responsibility for enabling, constructing, and using these atomic weapons ("of mass destruction") is considered a criminal under Galactic Laws, regardless of your petty and primitive "national" organizations. These people will be isolated, contained, and will live out their miserable lives in reeducation facilities, returning their twisted souls to harmony. Those "nations" which support the use of these atomic weapons will also be contained, their pre-adult children taken to a harmonious education society, and their energy-production facilities limited. The innocent hominids of Sol3 and their children will be eligible, if they choose, for morphogenetic enhancement, which will allow their conscious attunement to the Planetary Intelligence ("Gaia"), and our Galactic Intelligence network.

One of your "nations" in particular, which has vast weapons facilities across an entire continent, is attempting to arm itself to preserve their elite leaders’ power and control, placing atomic and directed-radiation weapons in your planet's orbit. Let it be known to them that this 1st Level primitive technology is not only depleting your planetary resources and well-being, it will be simply neutralized by Galactic Security. We have already been confiscating their "missiles" launched into your atmosphere.

Hominids of Sol3, you have the opportunity to evolve into a Galactic civilization, or reduce yourselves to ashes on a burnt-out wasteland. Some groups of your "scientists" are even now manipulating anti-matter and condensed singularities on your planet's surface, no doubt to be used as weapons as well. This will lead, in a very short period, to total destruction of your planet. As well, a planetary war using the atomic weaponry in your "national" arsenals will completely destroy your atmosphere, and will make living on the surface of your planet impossible. Why are you allowing these insane “leaders” to continue with these technologies? Why do you continue to be programmed into such limited and self-destructive attitudes?

You have a choice, Earthlings, to reconnect with the Galactic Alliance, as your ancient ancestors were, and as the Cetacean races in your oceans are. Your only obstacles are in your own minds, and in your hearts. Continue to blindly follow behind these military “madmen” in their petty "national" wars over resources and power, and you will be living in what you have described as "Hell." Heal the disease of disharmony and hatred among your race, and your planetary garden will shortly be restored to what you have described as "Heaven."

The choice is yours, for each and every one of you.

With Intelligence and Compassion,

Sith Cruithnii

Communications Specialist

Galactic Security Omega

Sol3 Lunar Base 11

"Whatever is flexible and flowing will tend to grow, whatever is rigid and blocked will wither and die."

-- Lao Tzu

Via BeamShip MUTANEX

Now Boarding:::

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

--Johan W. von Goethe


"Of all the frictional resistances, the one that most retards human movement is ignorance."

-- Nikola Tesla

"I will not waste my life in friction when it could be turned into momentum."

--Frances Willard

"All the world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming it."

-- Helen Keller

"If facts are the seeds that later produce knowledge and wisdom, then the emotions and the impressions of the senses are the fertile soil in which the seeds must grow."

-- Rachel Carson

"All animals except man know that the principal business of life is to enjoy it."

-- Samuel Butler

"Whatever is flexible and flowing will tend to grow, whatever is rigid and blocked will wither and die."

-- Lao Tzu


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