Corporate responsibility

by Ross Hammersley Tuesday, Oct. 01, 2002 at 8:32 PM 213.251.3690 x.319 3435 Wilshire Blvd. #385 Los Angeles, CA 90010

Tuesday, Oct. 1st- Nationwide call-in day to get Staples to stop selling products made from old-growth forests!! Call 1.800.536.6676 to let Staples know that as the largest, and fastest growing office supply chain in the US, they have a responsibility not to sell our old-growth forests as office paper and pencils!!

“Hello, my name is ____ and I’m a supporter of I’m calling to ask that Staples immediately stop the use of all old-growth fiber in its products and that it adopt an old growth-free procurement policy that will permit the company to assure its customers that no Staples product is made out of wood taken from ancient or endangered forests. As one of the fastest growing office supply companies in the world, I believe that you have a responsibility to avoid destroying the world’s few remaining old growth forests. Thank you.”

On Tuesday, students from Massachusetts and New Hampshire will be visiting Staples corporate headquarters in Framingham, Mass. to deliver over 4,000 postcards calling on Staples to end its use of old-growth paper and fiber, and holding a press conference to alert people throughout the northeast! Throughout the rest of the day Tuesday, hundreds of people in towns and on campuses all over the country will be calling in to Staples to help this message resonate within the company!

The power of this event is definitely magnified with each additional voice, so do your part and take five minutes to make a toll-free call to Staples and tell them to stop selling old-growth wood!!!


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