'Steamed At China' Pro-Democracy Rally O9

by CSN Sunday, Sep. 29, 2002 at 9:20 AM

'Steamed At China' Pro-Democracy Rally Oct. 9 in Washington

"Steamed At China"
Pro-Democracy Rally, October 9

Speech by John Kusumi, CSN founder,
to "shred" U.S. China policy

Joined by a few of our closest friends--

AFL-CIO • Amnesty International • Family Research Council • Free China Movement • Freedom House • Friends of Falun Gong • Hudson Institute • Human Rights Watch • Institute on Religion and Public Policy • Int'l Association of Sheet Metal Workers • Int’l Brotherhood of Teamsters • Int’l HERE Union • Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington (IFC) • International Campaign For Tibet • International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers • Jubilee Campaign USA • Laogai Research Foundation • Nat'l Org. for Women (NOW) • PACE • Rainbow/Push Coalition • Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism • The Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition • UNITE • United Steelworkers in America • Uyghur American Association • World Organization Against Torture USA • World Service Authority

September 27, 2002 (CSN) -- On Wednesday, October 9, from 12:00-2:00pm, the above-listed groups will hold a rally in Washington, for the purpose of "absolutely everyone piling on against China." Both China and America face political scenarios in flux. A speech will be given by John Kusumi, the original GenX politico (who was an independent. if underage, candidate for U.S. President in 1984). Since 1989, he has also been the leader of the China Support Network. The rally marks the start of "crunch month" for the Chinese democracy cause. Within the month following this event,

United States China policy now has everything going against it. The Chinese democracy cause is having a political breakout, with the issue having built up to a head. And -- we're 'mixing it up'. The rally marks growing activity on the China issue and in our issue advocacy. The China Support Network has also endorsed 4 Senators and 302 Congressmen for re-election, based on strength with China. This 'mixes it up' in American politics as well. Our cause thereby "comes out swinging."

The focus includes both human rights and pro-democracy concerns. Members of Congress, celebrities, and leaders of non-governmental organizations will speak out at the rally. (Speaker's list subject to change before it is finalized.) If you are steamed about China, we invite you to join us. If you are in the news media, we hope to see you there as well. Are there any media people who are steamed at China? If there is any overlap between these groups, we'd like to hear from you, as ever.

The rally will be at the Supreme Court West Lower Terrace. We also welcome visitors to our web site, www.chinasupport.net.

Published by the China Support Network (CSN). Begun by grass roots Americans in 1989, CSN represents Americans who were "on the side" of the students in Tiananmen Square -- standing for democratic reform, human rights, and freedom in China. For dissident news; to support a stronger China policy; or get more information, see http://www.chinasupport.net.

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