Please God, save the world!

by Gary Warder Saturday, Sep. 21, 2002 at 10:06 AM

The US is vulnerable to major Nuclear attacks and it is time to change our world relations policies before it's too late. Meanwhile, the FBI continue to harrass the innocent.

To Whom It Concerns,

Since 9/11 I have been brushing up on my collection of prophetic teachings
from the past. Especially the prophecies [see book of Revelations] of the
Christian Bible and the Hopi prophecy to name two.

I don't know what occurs to you, but to me it is fairly obvious who the
merchant w hore that lives on many waters is. In fact it is difficult to
see who else it could be. OK, you tell me, who is the merchant w hore that
lives on many waters?

In any case to get to the important part of this message as quick as
possible I will cut to the chase; they [the prophesies] say the nuclear
holocaust is due to occur here is the U.S., not in some other place.

I looked at the situation [world] and I saw what we all see; the great
power of the United States. How could any one possibly nuke this country? I
asked this question to myself and low and behold an answer came to me.

"The great merchant w hore has many harbors on her many waters. At any
given moment there are many hundreds of thousands of tons of freight on
many ships from all over the world in her many harbors. No one knows for
sure what is in those ships."

"When the eastern kings are angry enough at the Americans, they will
deliver the bombs the way everything else gets delivered, by sea."

In my opinion, the only possible way we can avoid this is by making
friends, being NICE to the people of the world. Apologizing, begging
forgiveness for past misdeeds. In short making peace and goodwill to all
men instead of war.

The truth is, our government is not even nice to the people that live
here,let alone strangers in foreign countries. We're not even nice to each
other with neighbors spying on neighbors, personally profiting from any
story manufactured thereof.

The FBI has been stalk ing me and my family for many months. My wife cannot
even go to a grocery or video store without being followed by at least 4
agents. We live on a dead end street; you should see the traffic.

We do not know why they are following us. We have not committed, conspired,
intended or intend to break any laws.

I have said certain things they may have misconstrued or not.

For example I said:

1. "There is only one God"


3. "McVeigh the man was created by God,
McVeigh the terrorist was created by the FBI"

4. "It wasn't me who let Bin in"

5. "I have knowledge and information that could put 80% of the drug
companies, doctors, and hospitals out of business" Surely, this can't be
the reason they're stalking me, or is it? see:

6. "Why do Federal INS agents sworn to uphold all the federal laws waste
countless thousands of hours of peoples time at checkpoints occasionally
stopping a bald headed Mexican kid with an earring to search his car for
Pablo Escobar's cocaine and all the illegal aliens they are supposed to be
stopping yet they never ever look in the trucks that pass thru the weigh
station right behind them?"

7."Why is this vast underbelly of weakness and vulnerability in regard to
merchants freight by truck or ship not protected?"

8. I wrote and produced some songs that may have rubbed them the wrong way.
For lyrics see:

See 'Mr. Nuclear Man'
'Standing on the corner'
'I ain't afraid'
'Blow me away'(with your love)

So far it looks like our biggest fans are the FBI. If you want to listen to
the music, visit:

9. "If you don't love all people, you are not even close to God."

10. "35,000 people die everyday from lack of sufficient food for survival.
Why is this O.K. with the pentagon and the World Trade Organization, and
apparently the people of the USA. Do the people think God won't notice this
type of thing?"

11. One day I was talking on the phone to a friend who was in jail and he
had just been shot 26 times by the local sheriff with bean bag bullets. I
tried to bolster him up a bit, as he was suicidal and very depressed at the
time. I said that the number you see on their head [hat], or elsewhere was
the mark of the beast and that they therefore worked knowingly or
unknowingly for the DEVIL.

12. In the Bible it mentions being thrown into the devils prisons for
believing and following Christ. "Who owns and operates prisons besides the

13."Jesus Christ was crucified by the Government, soldiers drove in the
spikes and hung Him up and kept Him hung there"

14. "The same military/sports mentality that ruled the world then, still

15. "No Iraqi has ever stolen anything from an American, no Iraqi has ever
raped an American woman, no Iraqi has ever killed an American that I know
of, why do we go and kill perhaps a million of them and want to go and kill
more? Do we think God is going to let this slide?"
Isn't this the kind of thing that creates terrorists? If not, please
enlighten me.

16. "How many suicide bombers does it take to detonate an H-Bomb?"

We also have a chapter of the Universal Life Church at our house. The logo
of the ULC is an interacial group holding hands in a circle. Our motto is
"to live and help live". Do you think the FBI would have a problem with

Other than the above I have no idea why the FBI has decreed it prudent to
spend untold amounts of taxpayer dollars stalk ing me and my family.

My children and grandchildren live in the USA, so I do not want this place
to get nuked any more than you do. I believe 100% in the Constitution of
the United States. I also believe in the democratic process. In fact I
believe the democratic process is our only hope for turning this situation
around. For further information regarding the democratic process, Visit:

In case you think I might be a little paranoid about the FBI then please
tell me, 'Who are the people that drive around on our streets and roads
with front lights on during the day but no tailights until after dusk,
Vehicles of all shapes and sizes'? Try giving them each a friendly wave,
see what happens. I did, I know. I have owned many of the vehicles and
driven others, including big rigs and on no vehicle was I ever able to turn
on the front parking lights or headlights without also turning on the tail
lights. The only possible exception is the Saturn car. See for yourself,
note the ones coming at you with front lights on and then check for tail
lights in the rear view mirror. See any lights in back besides brake lights
and turn signals?

I recently saw a map of the U.S.[on a news website] with the nuclear danger
points marked where there was a possible terrorist risk. Not one was near
the coast; why do you think that is?

I don't know what's going to happen but the civilizations that we think we
are better than are ANCIENT and they are not gutless and they are not

In other words, I can put it off no longer. Perhaps the main reason I send
this today instead of tomorrow is because it keeps feeling like they are
closing in. We are only protected by light, we need more light. God did not
give me this message to have it snuffed out by the FBI. Or to be destroyed
by some known or unknown enemy of our country. My goal is to avoid any such
catastrophy. So I send it now before something happens. It is too
important!"How can you make a wise decision unless you have the right
information?" America needs this information.

This is the most critical time in history and the stakes have never been
higher. Where are our leaders leading us? Are we human beings or lemmings?
Is there a difference?

I also have a couple of movie ideas they may not like.

I am including this movie scenario set a few years in the future in a nice
setting of a beautiful southern hemisphere city [Sydney?]. [Some people I
am sending this to are in the movie business, I thought they might be

Small group sitting around table eating a meal.

They are talking about how the U.S. got wiped out by nuclear attacks in all
of her major harbors. While they were looking in the sky, and spying on
their own neighbors, the ships slipped in.

The funny thing was the American forces that were stationed overseas did
not even know who to retaliate against because they couldn't even determine
which ships blew up or where they came from.

"Her greed for slave labor and cheap products did her in."

"They'd rather lose it all than change their policies and settle for less

"yah, we all realized that the army,navy, police, etc. etc, were all just
there to protect the merchants business."

"It's sure tough on all the other people in the northern hemisphere."

"They made the ones that were dropped on Japan look like firecrackers."
"We sure are lucky here; the fallout has been minimal."

"Apparently there are small pockets of survivors but they are living like
Indians used to live and no one can help them either, that's the sad thing."

"Yah sometimes it's even hard to feel sorry for them, considering what they
have done to other people."

"I heard there was some kind of prophet that tried to warn them, but he was
scorned and ridiculed by the people that would rather die than face the

Why didn't they see this coming?

If there is any value in this information, I do not take credit for it, you
can thank the FBI. If it wasn't for the trade center disaster and the
pressure they have been putting on, by stalk ing me and my family over the
past many months, I would never have asked the QUESTION.

They seem to be trying to make us feel that they are going to kill us or at
least they pretend that they are going to.

From where I'm sitting, they could and they probably could set it up so
they get away with it too.

I'm a father, I have to try to protect my family. If I can at least get
this info out to you at least our lives will not be lost for nothing.


I am including our names and address for our own protection. If you hear
about anything weird happening here you will know why. We live in a very
beautiful part of the country, north of San Diego. There is only one
problem here, liberals are very lonely people around here.

Here is our name and address:

Gary R. and Marilyn J. Warder
Marilyn is also known as Marilyn Russo
2041 Camino Rainbow
Rainbow [Fallbrook] CA 92028

fax 760.451.0945