The Forbidden Truths on the Genocidally Evil Military System of Humanity

by The Seer of Forbidden Truth Monday, Sep. 02, 2002 at 4:36 AM

All military systems exist as institutions of deliberate child genocide, in which diseased societies choose to employ their own tortured child-slaves as sacrificial weapons, to satiate the collective bloodthirst of the adult population. This Essay dissects this Forbidden Truth. All Rights are Reserved, Copyright 2002 The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

The Genocidally Abusive Military Structure:

I'm sure that some of you may be wondering whether it is really necessary to devote an entire essay to "military structure", when I have already graced you with a very long and brilliantly insightful essay on war, in which the military system was mentioned and even discussed with a fair amount of detail. The answer is Yes, despite already having touched upon some aspects of the military system in the essay directly above, there are a great many profound Truths and structural details regarding this utterly diseased and perverse system that must still be unveiled, and so here I am once again, ready to launch yet another remarkable salvo of Truth. Let us begin by defining what the "military" is. The military, also known as the armed forces, the army, etc..., are a group of child torture victims that a society has chosen to turn into immoral, mindless murderers, who are bound and obligated to commit any act, no matter how atrocious and unnatural the act may be, upon the command of their "bosses", who are simply fellow victims who are slightly more empowered, slightly higher ranking, within the military structure. Note that I have titled this essay Genocidally Abusive Military Structure. I use the word "structure" for very specific reasons. The military is designed in the manner of a pyramid scheme, or a tall tower that is very broad at the bottom and tapers off to become very narrow at the top. There are numerous layers of bosses within all military structures. These layers are known by the term "chain of command". At the bottom you have the military soldiers who are personally dispatched to carry out murder of the demonized enemy. This bottom layer is by far the largest, and it consists of the youngest, most gullible, and most homicidally enraged victim-enlistees. These "front-line" military soldiers are the lowest of the low, they have absolutely no personal autonomy or power, and are obligated under direct threat of punitive punishment, to carry out every single atrocity that their society, through higher-ranking military enlistees, orders and commands them to carry out. Within every group of front line soldiers, there are one or two slightly more empowered individuals, but in reality they only possess an illusion of power, since their only function is to "lead" the attack, and instruct the other soldiers on exactly what to do and when to do it, in obeying the commands given to him by higher ranking bosses. All front line soldiers, including the ones who are placed in "command" of specific attack units, are utter and complete slaves. To label them as "employees with a terrible job", is inappropriate. They are much lower than even the most low-ranking civilian employee, such as a dishwasher or janitor. The civilian employee at least has the theoretical ability to quit, to refuse to perform their job, without suffering any punitive punishment beyond the loss of their salary. The front line soldier however, faces absolutely horrific punitive punishment, including possible death being inflicted by the "enemy", and very likely imprisonment by his own society, if he dares to refuse to carry out the utterly immoral and perverse job of murdering complete strangers upon command, that his society has coerced, brainwashed, and forced him into accepting and assuming.

So, within the military structure, all front line soldiers are absolute slaves. Brainwashed, terrorized slaves, compelled under brutal threat to carry out the jobs that their bosses order them to carry out. There is no other type of "employment" that carries with it the degree of punitive punishment for "quitting" the job, that being a front line soldier carries. The military structure contains many bosses, but far more utter slaves. Bosses are members of the military, who usually started out as front line mass murderers, who have been promoted and have advanced upward within the perverse pyramid scheme, to the point where they are not directly involved in committing actual wartime murder, but rather involved in the planning, design, ordering, and execution of the mass murder plots. They are the bosses, they create the mass murder plans, they instruct and command their employee-slaves, the front line soldiers, to carry out the actual ritual of war. These bosses almost never face a direct threat to their own lives from the enemy, and therefore they are totally detached emotionally, from any personal concern or logical fear, regarding all human life. They design, structure, and control exactly how the war unfolds, but in point of fact they have an extremely limited personal stake in how dangerous, how deadly the war actually plays out to be, because they themselves, as individuals, face little if any direct threat of suffering personal harm. Even though these people are "bosses", they are also employees, since the insane military chain of command dictates that there are layers upon layers of bosses, each layer slightly more empowered than the lower layer, in such a way that virtually every boss still has a "higher" boss that they must answer to. At the very top of the pyramid scheme are the top generals, who map out and plan out the war ritual with the supreme leader of the society, the president, king, prime minister, etc... The top generals, those who consult directly with the supreme leader and create the actual war plan, are almost never in any personal danger of any kind. They never even set foot inside a "combat zone", they actually have their own bodyguards, in most cases. These are the military generals who sit at the very top of the pyramid scheme military structure. They are the supreme military bosses, who only have to answer up to the supreme leader of the society. They decide when to go to war, whom to go to war with, how to fight the war. And this is the important point: They have absolutely no personal stake in the life of any soldier. No stake of any kind! They are literally guaranteed of 100% safety, no loss of life, limb, guaranteed to experience no personal harm, as long as their side wins the war.

It doesn't matter whether the supreme military boss devises a war strategy that results in 50 of his soldiers dying, or 5 million of his soldiers dying. It doesn't make an iota of difference, as long as his side ends up winning the war. He remains 100% safe regardless. Therefore, the supreme military leaders of a warmongering society have absolutely no reason to try and limit the casualties of front line soldiers, beyond the political pressure that the supreme leader of the society might place upon them, in recognition of the fact that a huge number of casualties may erode public support for the supreme leader. This political pressure, while very real, is still essentially minor, when compared to the fact that the supreme military leader himself, usually an older individual with substantial monetary savings, faces absolutely no personal threat or danger or punishment, regardless of how poorly he designs the war and regardless of how many casualties occur, as long as his side "wins". Now, the insane military structure is not only completely hierarchical in design, it is also set up in such a way that the military leaders who actually craft, design, and dictate exactly how the war plays out, have literally no personal stake in protecting or preserving anybody's life. Obviously they have no stake in preserving the life of any citizen/member of the demonized enemy, but they have literally just as little stake in protecting/preserving the lives of their own front line soldiers, as well. The only true goal and stake that they have, is to win the war, at any cost. This is because if they lose the war, they may face personal danger and punitive punishment, possibly even their own deaths. But if they win the war, regardless of whether "their" military soldiers took 50 casualties or 5 million casualties, they remain 100% safe and suffer no significantly negative consequences. Even if they get fired by the supreme leader, they likely already have a significant amount of money saved up, and in addition, they would have little difficulty getting a good job in the private sector, as a "war commentator" for the media, as an author/public speaker, as a corporate security chief, etc... So lets understand that the structural design of the military system is such that none of the higher-ranking military "bosses" have any genuine incentive to go out of their way to try and protect/preserve the lives of the lowest level employee-slaves, the majority masses of front line soldiers. And in fact the highest ranking military bosses, the ones who actually design the details of the war ritual and dictate how it will play out on a day to day, battle to battle basis, are never even in a combat zone, they never actually come close to participating in the war directly, therefore they have absolutely no serious incentive to give the lives of any of the front line soldiers, any serious consideration.

We also need to understand that the military structure is incestuous. What do I mean by incestuous? I mean that in most cases the only way to rise up the pyramid scheme and become a military boss, is to begin as a lowest level front line soldier, terroristically obligated to obey every command and to personally commit murder upon command. Therefore, the vast majority of military bosses, including top-ranking supreme military bosses, were, many years earlier, lowest level combat soldiers. The shallow-minded reader might say to himself, "Hey, that's not so bad, at least the bosses have a good idea of what the lowest level combat soldiers are enduring, because they themselves used to be in that position. I bet they are more sensitive to the dangers faced by the lowest level soldiers, due to having been in this position themselves years ago." But no folks, that is shallow, superficial, uninsightful thinking, and nothing could be further from the Truth. The reality is that all respect/value for human life is lost, during a long-term military career. Top ranking military bosses are sadists, who have no genuine respect for any human life. When they consider the lowest level combat troops, they perceive them as being totally worthless and expendable, just as they themselves used to be considered worthless and expendable many years ago, when they were on the lowest rung of brutal slavery. The simple fact of having spent a lifetime in the military, demonizing people, dehumanizing people, murdering people, and slowly being rewarded for this by climbing up the ladder and becoming a military boss, strips the military leaders of all genuine ability to empathize, sympathize with fellow humans, or to place any genuine value upon the life of any "inferior", any employee such as a low ranking combat soldier. Of course this Truth is never admitted in the open, and often resides only within the subconscious True Reality of the military boss.

Victimization does not create empathy or identification with a human being facing similar victimization, in a case like this. The military leader who used to be a low level combat soldier was of course brutally victimized, but he does not identify with his victimization. He does not possess any of the emotional character or rational thinking ability to look at the tortured children who have been brainwashed into agreeing to serve as his puppet-murderers, and see himself, his past, and his victimization reflected in their reality and upcoming fate. The fact that he very possibly used to be a tortured, brainwashed child turned into a lowest level combat puppet-murderer himself, is just not a Truth that he can face up to or integrate within his thinking patterns and conscious perceptions of life. On top of everything else, we have to keep in mind that a majority of all soldiers, all of them, bosses and lowest level combat troops alike, have lost, in reality been stripped of, all respect for all life. The superficial claims that they make, to "love" their fellow soldiers, to love their country and government, to be willing and eager to risk death in order to save the lives of others, are usually nothing more than moral rationalizations that they use, to convince themselves that despite their homicidal rage, the pleasure and cathartic that they derive from killing or from witnessing/thinking about killing, they are still "good and moral" people who only want to kill those who "deserve" to be killed. How utterly pathetic, no ability to face up to Truth, this is a hallmark staple of every single aspect of your lives.

It's time to expand this topic just a bit. Lets understand that wars can only occur when a military exists, because it is militaries that engage in wars. If a society/government had no military, it could not engage in the war ritual. Therefore, supreme leaders of societies feel they must create and constantly maintain, militaries. The only ways for societal leaders to maintain a large military on a constant basis, a large group of citizen-slaves willing and eager to murder complete strangers at the drop of a hat, on command, are via systematic, brutal brainwashing, or deliberately victimizing children in a violent manner, or by legally decreeing that some citizen-slaves must join and serve in the military or face significantly punitive punishment. those are the only three ways that a society/government can assemble a formidable military system. And all three methods are overtly and in fact genocidally malevolent. Most societies employ at least two of these three methods, together, in order to maximize their malicious goal, and some societies employ all three methods. I will now discuss and dissect each of these three perverse societal methodologies, in great detail, one after the other. We will begin with systematic, brutal brainwashing. In order for a person to be convinced to do something unnatural to their True Reality perception of life, such as agree to murder complete strangers from or within a foreign society, systematic, brutal brainwashing, meaning the implanting of false and invalid thoughts, ideas, and ideologies, must be employed by societal leaders and their agents. If a person can be brainwashed, can be made to perceive falsehood as representing truth, there is no limit to the degree of malicious mental manipulation that can be committed upon the individual. Children are most easily brainwashed, because they have not had an opportunity to realize just how incredibly lie-based and maliciously manipulative all of adult human society is, and their ability to filter out lies and deliberately manipulative brainwashings, is undeveloped. Or at the very least, underdeveloped. Children are too pure to survive in your diseased societies. Their minds are too vulnerable to navigate through the minefields of deceit, hypocrisy, manipulation, and malice, that exist within the adult human world. This creates a perfect climate for systematic, brutal brainwashing that is designed to turn children into mindless mass murderers blindly agreeing to work as hired killers for their ultra-diseased societies.

Lets consider this: Most children feel weak and powerless. They feel this way because they are in fact officially decreed to be subhuman slaves, utterly powerless not just physically, but within the structure of daily life. They have no genuine freedom, autonomy, legal, civil, or human rights. They are the owned property of their parents/slaveowners, and cannot stand up for themselves, as individuals, in any type of situation, because they officially enjoy no legal or human rights, as individuals. The evil military system in america runs Television advertisements during sports and cartoon shows that children regularly watch. Demographics are readily available which prove that cartoon shows like The Simpsons and sports events like football and basketball, are regularly watched by a huge number of children, especially boys. Knowing this fact, the american military carefully crafts commercials that are designed to appeal very specifically to children and their profound sense of weakness, impotence, and powerlessness. The american army ran a commercial for many years, with the signature line of "Be, all that you can be, it's all right in the army!" These commercials showed boys carrying guns, celebrating "victories", acting all powerful and in control of everything around them. This is literally the "wet dream" of most boys, who feel victimized, powerless, enslaved. In point of fact they are victimized, powerless, and enslaved. So, the military creates these commercials in order to brainwash boys into believing that an excellent way, quite possibly the only way, to become powerful, to become free, to escape their slavery and victimization, is to join the military. In fact, many tortured boys join the military for this reason. The Truth of course, is that the military system is one of the most brutally enslaving and victimizing, life-destroying institutions of oppression in existence. And yet many boys, just as they are beginning to get a chance to escape from some of their lifelong slavery due to reaching age 17 or 18, are viciously pulled into the horrific vortex of military slavery, via this type of mass media brainwashing and lies.

Just within the past year or so, the american army stopped running it's "Be all that you can be it's all right in the army" propaganda commercials, and unveiled a brand new, cutting edge series of commercials that carried the slogan of "An army of one". Perversely, this new series of commercials, clearly introduced because the american army has seen a drop in enlistees in recent years, puts forth the insane notion that joining the army provides a vast amount of individual life choices and career paths, that each enlistee not only gains tremendous power and strength by being in the army, but they also retain all of their individuality, uniqueness, and freedom to do exactly what they wish to do. This is a ludicrous lie, since the entire structure of the military is designed to strip all enlistees of their individuality, their free will, their ability to think freely and make decisions for themselves. But the propaganda chiefs recognized that american boys wanted to imagine themselves as being "unique and totally free". The old army slogan/commercials were not delivering that lie message, and so a totally different, new slogan, very specifically designed to create the illusion that the army offers unique individuality to all enlistees, via the slogan "An army of one", was created and now regularly airs on all the cartoon and sports shows that boys like to watch on TV. The american marine corps, yet another perverse branch of the genocidal military, is famous for their television commercials, which also air during cartoon and sports shows aimed at boys, which proclaim: "Be one of us, the few, the proud, the marines." These commercials show boys wearing intimidating-looking uniforms, often carrying/brandishing swords and the like, portraying an image of power, control, domination, exactly what a majority of all boys, on a subconscious level as well as sometimes on a conscious level, are desperate to feel within their own lives, as they try to cope with their ongoing victimization, abuse, slavery as children growing up in genocidally evil, child-brutalizing society.

In point of fact all four primary branches of the american military, the army, navy, air force, and marines, run utterly perverse, completely deceitful, propaganda/brainwashing television commercials that are specifically targeted at children and boys, from as young as age 3 up until age 17-18. Understand that the goal of the military is to convince every boy, by age 15 or 16, to join the military. The younger the better! The military only wants children, victimized, abused, enraged, brainwashed children with immature, irrational, hormone-driven, homicidally enraged minds. What about dolls? Yes indeed, boys are told to steer clear of most dolls, but a few very specific dolls, perversely misnamed as "action figures" in order to create a gender distinction, are foisted upon boys. Chief among them is the "G.I. Joe" doll. This doll depicts a boy wearing an army uniform, I think it has "accessories" that include guns too. The helpless, enslaved young boy is given this doll, and naturally the boy begins to identify positively with the image of power and control and personal strength that the doll projects. The boy, aged 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, begins to fantasize about escaping from his life of slavery, powerlessness, victimization, and of course he sees the projected image of G.I. Joe, and decides that if he wants to be like G.I. Joe, all he has to do is join the army/military just like G.I. Joe did, and he can become strong, get a gun, be the boss instead of being bossed around by his slaveowners, etc... Here you see society using a doll to commit malicious brainwashing upon children.

One of the most perverse forms of brainwashing on this military issue, involves adults repeating to a child over and over, the utterly insane message that he has some sort of a moral/ethical obligation to "give back" to his country, to pay his country back for the "good" things that his country has given him. What makes this form of terroristic coercion so perverse is the fact that many children still retain some degree of emotional benevolence within their True Realities, despite the brutal victimization that they have been subjected to, and therefore they sincerely "want" to "do the right thing", at least on an intellectual level. You pathetic cowards keep telling your children how "lucky" they are to live in the society that they do, and how they owe their society a great debt, even though the reality is that they have been treated as subhuman slaves throughout their entire childhoods, and their society has in fact never cared an iota as to whether they, as individuals, lived or died, or suffered brutal torture and victimization. Still, the idealistic, naive, gullible mind of the child often does accept/embrace this bizarre notion, that the child owes a debt to their society. "You have to serve your country, son," says the cowardly slaveowner, the child torturer. And this insane sentiment is echoed by other adults, relatives of the slave, etc... "Do the right thing, son", they say. Yes, go ahead and throw your life away. Go ahead and agree to murder complete strangers in order to satiate the homicidal rage of your parents and other older adults, on behalf of the society that has brutally victimized you. You "owe" this to us, your parents, and to your glorious country. We will wave a flag outside our house son, while you go and murder strangers and let strangers try to murder you, so we can feel better emotionally. This is what we have here, utter malice and derangement within the very fabric of humanity, manifested via the insane war ritual and the malevolent military brainwashing methodologies.

If you creatures ever drive or walk through burned out slums, ghetto areas of america, areas deliberately set aside for the chronically poor slaves/torture victims of america, you will see huge billboards plastered to the side of rotting, often abandoned buildings, with ads for the army, navy, air force, and marines. Some of these people are so poor they don't own a television set, certainly they don't get cable TV, so the malevolent military system resorts to huge public billboards, as a brainwashing/enticement method. But wait, there is a lot more at play here. You must understand that in societies like america, that have chosen to do away with a mandatory military "draft", the military engages in a desperate, frenzied campaign to deliberately and specifically target economically disadvantaged children, with it's malicious recruitment efforts. In addition to these huge billboards, you will find a great many military recruitment offices, staffed storefront offices, located directly in the middle of the most horrific slums, ghettos, and crime-filled public housing projects, where no self-respecting person would choose to live unless they were hopelessly mired in grinding, long-term poverty. Yes, this is where the military recruiters go, holding out the lure of military service as offering an "escape" from the horrific neighborhood, in exactly the same way as a crack dealer holds out a tiny sample of crack to children in this same neighborhood, as a way for them to mentally "escape", for a little while, the horrific reality of their lives. Just like the drug dealer peddles a perverse way to escape, the military recruiter does the exact same thing, day after day, in these horrific slums. He convinces the tortured children that the only way out of the neighborhood for them, the only way they can escape the lifetime of grinding poverty that their parents are trapped within, is to join the military. "Learn a valuable skill that you can use to get a good job later in life" "Earn money for college while you learn your important skills" "Serve your country, and your country will reward you, you will be able to escape from this neighborhood someday, just join us, the few, the proud, the heavily armed, the murderers..." This is the utterly outrageous shell game that military recruiters play, as they continue to obtain a strong majority of their recruits from among the extremely poor underclass of american citizen-slaves.

It is literally like the "devil" offering temporary salvation to a desperate person, in exchange for the person's eternal soul. Don't get any ideas about me believing in god/myth derangements, as you should have already read my remarkable dissection of the insane god myth at an earlier page of this website. I only make this mythical analogy to the devil offering false "salvation" at an incredibly high price, because it so perfectly parallels the absolutely real situation of how military recruiters, like vultures, swoop down upon american slums and ghettos, targeting tortured, dirt poor children because they know these children are bound to feel hopeless, to feel that there is no way out of their current torment and future lifetime of economic suffering, only to have the "devil", in the form of the military recruiter, offer them an enticing-sounding way out, never mentioning of course that the child may very well end up paying with his life, his limbs, his health, or his very "soul". Understand that many children, even ghetto children, are not homicidally enraged. They are perfectly capable of loving others, of feeling empathy. They have no True Reality need/desire to murder other humans, much less to murder complete strangers who live thousands of miles away. And yet the military recruiters swoop down, offering a possible escape from the ghetto but of course never quite getting around to mentioning that the child might have to massacre complete strangers, as part of the deal. Only when it's too late, after the deal has been struck and the insane war ritual begun, does the child have to deal with the horrific emotional trauma of actually being commanded to shoot dead complete strangers. This is how children lose their souls in the military, and why so many poor, traumatized, victimized, but not severely mentally ill children enter the military with living souls, only to leave a few years later severely mentally ill and with dead or severely, irreparably wounded souls. This is one of the very most perverse forms of military brainwashing, rooted in utter prejudice, discrimination, and class warfare. Children in these terrible slum neighborhoods are literally told and taught, by society, that they only have three possible chances of escaping. One is to become a professional athlete. Two is to win the lottery. Three is to join the military and agree to commit murder. The one genuinely valid and non-toxic escape method, obtaining a good education, is never mentioned, partly because all of the local area schools are terribly inferior, but much more so because the societal leadership has an absolutely vested interest in keeping all future generations of ghetto dwellers trapped in the same cycle of grinding poverty.

Many tortured children are in desperate need of peer support. They are unable to cope with the horrific realities of their lives, and receive no emotional support or comfort from their slaveowners or other adults. They feel an intense need to connect with like-minded children of their own age or slightly older, fellow victims, to share and commiserate with over the difficulties and traumas of life. This accounts for the popularity of youth street "gangs", which are common in all neighborhoods and among all economic classes of children. The military never passes up an opportunity to market itself as providing children with what they want, and so we have the military claiming to offer such youthful "comaraderie" to all enlistees. The "military unit" is proclaimed to be like a "family", with everybody caring about and looking out for each other, as well as sharing the same goals, participating in the same missions and challenges together, etc... This attracts the children who are emotionally desperate to feel like a part of a family, to feel cared for and aligned "together" with children who seem emotionally similar and of the same age, into joining the military. In reality of course, joining a street gang would not only provide much more honest and valid emotional support, but it would also be safer, if not physically than definitely psychologically safer. Military units are in fact structured along the exact same line as street gangs, in terms of the emotional dynamic that develops between same rank, lowest level combat soldiers. The military combat unit has a leader, so does the street gang. The differences are that the street gang itself, as well as individual members of the street gang, have a ton more personal autonomy and freedom in choosing exactly what they do, what activities they engage in, than the military unit. And the "leader" of the street gang truly is the leader, the members of the gang at least get to interact, discuss options, with their genuine leader, while in a military combat unit, the "leader" in the group has absolutely no actual leadership power, and is compelled to blindly take orders from his bosses, the higher ranking military leaders who are not with the actual combat unit.

Okay, time to move on to the next method employed by societies to create and maintain a military. It is: Deliberately victimizing children in a violent manner. A need/willingness on the part of individual human beings, to commit brutal violence upon other human beings, is taught and cathartically reflected. Society deliberately victimizes children for a great many reasons and purposes, literally thousands of reasons. Would it be accurate to conclude that one of the specific reasons that ultra-diseased societies do authorize the violent, severe victimization of children, is to create and instill within the child, a capacity to brutally harm and kill others, an emotionally capacity that is very useful and in fact essential, for military soldiers to possess in order to engage in the insane war ritual?? It is 100% clear to me that the answer to this question is absolutely Yes. Societies deliberately create a cultural structure in which children are physically hurt, attacked, and have violence committed upon them, and one of the reasons why is that this abuse renders the child much more easily brainwashed/coerced into agreeing to attack, hurt, direct violence towards fellow human beings, as long as a claim of moral justification and entitlement is provided, as it always is within the war ritual. It is a proven fact. Children who are spanked are much more likely to be eager, as adults, to spank their own children, even decades after their last spanking victimization has occurred. The emotional and psychological need for cathartic transference of brutalization and victimization is extremely powerful and long-lasting. A society like america, ultra-diseased as it is, not only sponsors the routine, ritualistic assault of children by their parents, it also authorizes the vicious, routine assault of children by other children, via "bullying", and it implants the true realization into almost every child's conscious or subconscious mind, that their safety, welfare, protection, and very life, is utterly worthless and of no concern.

This extremely traumatic perception of personal worthlessness and the naturally arrived at conclusion that since my society considers my life to be worthless, then all human life must be essentially worthless, is carried forward by the child, throughout his lifetime. This is the primary seed that must be implanted within the minds of all soldiers, that human life is essentially worthless. The soldier is willing to kill a complete stranger upon command for two primary reasons. 1: He believes the complete stranger wants to kill him. And 2: He considers the life of the complete stranger to be worthless. In a society like america, most children are brutally victimized. At some point in time, most children genuinely feel and believe that someone, a real person, not an imaginary "monster", wants to either kill him, or cause him terrible harm. It can be a parent, a relative, a school bully, possibly even a complete stranger, perhaps an infamous killer, a school shooter, "terrorist", or other criminal that the child sees on TV or reads/hears about. The point is, most children genuinely feel that someone wants to kill them, or to cause them great harm. This causes severe emotional trauma which is easily transferred, in a cathartic manner, via military brainwashing, upon a demonized enemy. Thus the tortured child becomes an eager soldier, eager to kill a complete stranger, using the rationalization that "the stranger wants to kill me so I have every moral right to kill him", but in reality what the child-soldier is doing is cathartically transferring the terror, pain, rage, that he felt and experienced earlier in his life, when coping with the belief that someone wanted to kill him or cause him great harm, onto this societally demonized enemy soldier. It does not occur to this torture victim that the only reason why the "enemy soldier" might be trying to kill him, is because he is trying to kill the enemy soldier. That requires rational thought, and military brainwashing is designed to strip every enlistee of the ability to think rationally. But even more, the enlistee is caught up in the emotional drama of feeling as though someone wants to kill him. This is not a "new" feeling to the child-enlistee, but rather a memory of when he was younger, and felt the exact same terror, of someone wanting to kill, destroy, cause great harm, to him. He is willing to kill a complete stranger upon command because of the fact that he sincerely believes, and more than likely the belief is an accurate one, that not only is the enemy soldier trying to kill him now, but other human beings have wanted to kill him as well, earlier in his childhood, and perhaps for long periods of time during his childhood.

Reason #2 is: He considers the life of the complete stranger to be worthless. Once again, this is cathartic reflectivity in action. The child, growing up, recognized, on either a subconscious or conscious level, that his own life is considered to be worthless, not only by a specific person or two, but by his entire society, as a whole. This is factually true, most societies, certainly ultra-diseased societies like america, absolutely adopt as official policy within the culture, that the life of any individual child is utterly worthless. So, the child perceives his own life to be judged as worthless. Whether he lives or dies, suffers or is victimized, is of no genuine concern to his society. The child joins the military, is brainwashed into agreeing to demonize complete strangers, and when it comes to the "moral dilemma" of whether actually killing complete strangers is perfectly okay, it's a no-brainer! The child-soldier quickly and easily arrives at the conclusion that "My life was decreed to be worthless by my society, therefore there is absolutely no reason, moral, intellectual, or philosophical, why I should consider the life of that complete stranger to have any value." In fact, the child torture victim who consciously recognizes the Truth, that his society considered and continues to consider his life to be utterly worthless, would likely consider the notion that the life of the demonized enemy soldier might have value, to be utterly bizarre and irrational, a complete contradiction of his own perfectly valid perception of reality. It would make no logical sense for him to place more value on the life of this demonized enemy human, than his very own society placed upon his own life.

It's clear that your diseased societies deliberately choose to sponsor the brutal victimization of children, and it's equally clear that your societies officially decree the lives of individual children to be utterly worthless. The question is, does the military merely recognize and take advantage of these two horrors for the purpose of getting child-soldiers to become mindless murderers on it's command, or is one of the many specific reasons/motivations for why your societies choose to sponsor this victimization, and decree the lives of children to be worthless, a specific desire to make it easier for the military to turn children into willing mass murderers of complete strangers?? It is not possible for me to answer this question with certainty, and in the grand scheme of things it is not a truly profound question. But my gut instinct, and it's usually right, is that the latter possibility is in fact True. Ultra-diseased societies need militaries they desperately need children who will mindlessly kill on command, they do consider children to be worthless, and they will stop at nothing to turn children into mindless mass murderers. The bottom line is, even if the military simply recognizes and takes advantage of these two horrors, without societal leaders directly sponsoring the commission of the horrors for the benefit of and on behalf of the military, the degree of overt, genocidal child malice, is immense and mind-boggling in it's scope. To conclude this point, the military that exists within a warmongering society, gains tremendous advantage from the violent, brutal victimization of children growing up within the society. These societies have a vested interest in brutally victimizing their own children. The more they victimize their own children, the more ruthless, bloodthirsty, immoral, and eager to participate in war and commit genocide upon demonized foreign enemies, the child-soldiers within the military, and the military itself, will be.

The third perverse method by which societies maintain powerful militaries is: Legally decreeing that some citizen-slaves must join and serve in the military or face significantly punitive punishment. This would appear to be the simplest and most straightforwardly effective of the three methods, but in reality it really does need to be combined with at least one of the other two methods, in order to achieve the true goal of a warmongering society. This is because if a military consisted only of children who were there against their will and who had not been subjected to malevolent pro-war brainwashing, it would not possess the proper degree of insanely fervent loyalty and blind, irrational devotion, that is required to be possessed within the ultra-diseased war ritual, in order for the military to be "effective" in it's warmongering activities. So let us understand that no society simply relies upon the "rule of law", in enacting a law that requires male children to serve in it's military. This law does exist in many societies, and it certainly assists societal leaders in terroristically obtaining possession of the bodies, minds, and souls of child-soldiers, but it is only one method by which these societies convince their children to join the military. It is never the sole method, the brutal forms of brainwashing and "non-judicial" coercion that I have already outlined above, are always employed together with any judicial law that might legally compel all male children to join the military.

Most societies have historically had a policy of forcing all male children who are physically fit, to serve in the governmental military. Whether this policy is labeled with the term of "draft", as american society has chosen to do, or whether it simply is called "mandatory military service", is irrelevant. The societal/governmental policy of forcing male children who are healthy to join the military and commit murder if ordered to do so by the society that they were born into and raised up within, is utterly fascist and one of the most glaringly obvious and blatantly undeniable forms of horrific enslavement and child victimization/dehumanization, imaginable. As you should realize by now, the absolute core Forbidden Truth of this entire Manifesto, is the fact that societies and governments ritualistically and genocidally choose to decree all children to be worthless, subhuman pieces of owned property. The manner in which children are brainwashed, coerced, and in many cases legally compelled by law to join the military, is one of the most crystal clear demonstrations of this core Truth. What types of perverse justifications are employed by societies to force children to join the military? Insane notions such as male children being the only humans physically strong enough to serve as soldiers. This is an utterly ridiculous lie. A properly conditioned individual reaches their peak level of physical strength at the approximate age of 36, not at age 17, 19, 21, or even 25. The Truth is that the military only wants children to serve in it's front line combat units, and in fact most militaries, such as america's, will refuse to even allow a 36 year old to join, specifically because children are immature, naive, gullible, intellectually blind, and completely unable to look at any issue from an independent, balanced perspective, in the way that many mature adults, aged 32 or more, are able to do. Your evil and diseased societies know that they need immature, gullible, naive, totally brainwashed and enslaved children, in their military front lines. They would literally be terrified of placing a 36 year old in a front line combat unit, as an "equal" ranking soldier with all the other, much younger members of the combat unit. This is because the genocidally evil military system would fear that the 36 year old might have somehow developed a level of maturity and rationality that none of the other 18, 19, 21, 25 year old child-soldiers possess, and might attempt to help these children to recognize and see just how brutally and perversely they are being manipulated, controlled, and victimized by the military.

An even more outrageous justification is the bizarre theory that the child owes some type of a "debt" to his society, and serving in the military is how the child repays his debt. This is truly beyond the pale of sanity. How can a child, a tortured child-slave, possibly owe a debt to the very society that is responsible for and guilty of his torture and enslavement?? What glorious treasure has the child received from society, to create this debt?? An entire lifetime of slavery? A lifetime of being forced to do the perverse bidding of his parents? A lifetime of having his brain assaulted on a daily basis with insane beliefs, notions, and ideologies, by insane adults operating within a deranged societal structure? A lifetime of having absolutely no civil, human, or legal rights? A lifetime of never having a single day of genuine personal autonomy? This is the Truth of what every child, aged 18, 19, 21, and even 25, has received from their society. How in the name of sanity can this possibly create a situation in which the child owes his society any type of a debt, much less a debt that involves the child endangering his life, limbs, sanity, and soul, via a toxic, completely unnecessary war ritual?? The mind boggles at how many deranged contortions of all Truth and rationality that you creatures must make, in order to even arrive at, much less embrace, such an insane ideology. But again, since you are dealing with officially decreed subhuman, worthless slaves, in the form of children, it is not that difficult for you.

The fact that forced military service has always involved males, is primarily an indication of the profound prejudice and gender-biased molding of the perceptions of reality of all citizen-slaves, that societal/governmental leaders practice. Males are taught and told, coerced and compelled by society that it is their job to commit murder on behalf of others, and forced to commit such murder. Naturally the end result is that every society of the modern era has had more so-called "illegal" murders committed by it's male population, than by it's female population, despite the fact that women are generally victimized even more brutally than men are, and they constitute a slightly larger percentage of the population of most societies. Women are only given official societal encouragement to kill their own children, in most societies, via abortion as well as vicious abuse of children who are given birth to. This is a relatively narrow and certainly limited group of advocated homicide victims. On the other hand, men are given a much larger sphere and group of victims to kill, and many more situations and circumstances in which they are encouraged to commit legal forms of murder, with war/military service of course being right near the very top of the list. There is absolutely no valid reason why societies would terroristically compel all of their male children to join their military, but not do so with female children. Even if you claim that front line combat duty would be more "dangerous" for female children, a claim that really holds no weight since any sane, moral society would embrace it's obligation to equally protect all children from unnecessary harm, the reality remains that only a relatively small portion of all military enlistees serve as front line combat troops, and all other positions within the insane military structure could be held just as easily and effectively by female humans, as by male humans.

There are two primary reasons why societies only force their male children to be legal murderers in the military. The first reason is that societies have decided to encourage violent aggression in male slaves, while still of course trying to control and dictate exactly how this violence is directed, while at the same time choosing to actively discourage female slaves from becoming violently aggressive towards anyone other than their own womb excretions or otherwise legally owned children. Societies are not willing to risk the effects of the increased domestic, internal violence that would result if women were brainwashed and terrorized into becoming military soldiers with the type of homicidal hatred of complete strangers that the military instills in all enlistees. The second reason is that part of the military brainwashing methodology involves convincing enlistees that they are fighting, committing murder of total strangers, for a "noble purpose". Many different "noble purposes" in fact. One of these noble purposes is the ancient but still ongoing notion that "men" have an obligation to protect the women of their society. If the military was filled with women, this ridiculous notion would be diluted. Of course these "men" in the toxic military system are in fact boys, but that's a Truth, and Truths hold no value or importance in your ultra-diseased societies. In fact, the military makes it a point to tell children that by joining the military, they would be "becoming a man", which is of course an extremely appealing and enticing lure to most male children.

Some of you might be trying to talk back to me at this point in time, right through the computer, saying, "But my Dear, Honorable, Glorious, Seer of Forbidden Truth, america no longer has a mandatory draft. How do you explain that, Beloved Seer??" Well, first of all thanks for properly addressing me in a respectful, if not downright worshipful manner. :-) The answer to this question is not complicated, but it is very interesting to explore because it unveils even more Truths about how diseased societies work. To begin, lets understand that societies employ multi-tiered layers of ideological coercion, with regard to all issues that they deem to be highly important. This is done so that even if one particular method of intellectual attack/brainwashing is "unmasked" by the populace and subsequently rejected as invalid, there are other forms of ideological coercion that are already in place and being utilized, that accomplish the exact same societal goal. Societies brutally brainwash their children into believing that they should join the military, and societies commit violent atrocities upon children, in such a way that they know many children will develop homicidal rage that they can then exploit for the purpose of getting the child to agree to join the military, by offering the child an opportunity to release this homicidal rage in a legal manner, via wartime aggression and murder of a demonized enemy. These two methods are very effective in terms of getting a lot of children, especially boys, to agree to join the military "voluntarily". Of course in reality there is nothing voluntary about it, since brutal brainwashing, lies, coercion, and the infliction of overt abuse and assault upon the child, are all utilized for the purpose of achieving this malicious societal goal. So, if these two methods of "cloaked coercion" are extremely effective in getting lots of boy-slaves to join the military, some societies will decide to not use a mandatory military "draft" in which every single boy is forced by law to join the military. This provides a very useful illusion of freedom and personal autonomy, especially within societies that claim to be "democratic" and to offer freedom to their citizens. The society can claim: Look how lucky you are to live as a member of this society, you are totally free, you are even free enough to refuse to serve in our military." Of course the reality is that millions of your fellow citizens have been brutally brainwashed and coerced into joining the military, but even they, insanely, seem unable to recognize that just like all other so-called freedoms that societies may claim to offer, this freedom is essentially nothing more than an illusion. You are offered this freedom only because your evil society knows that the vast majority of your peers will be too inferior, too stupid, too uninsightful, to take advantage of the freedom.

In reality, a society that has a mandatory draft is at least distributing this brutal form of child victimization in a somewhat "equal" manner, at least among it's male child-slaves, because every male child is terroristically compelled to join the military. In a society that does not have a mandatory draft, the degree of inequality and injustice that is inflicted upon those who are terroristically compelled, coerced, and brainwashed into joining the military, is greater. There is no equality, and it is the children who have already been most severely victimized by society, those brutally abused, those who have had to live in severe poverty, those who lack the intelligence to recognize the threat that the military system poses to them, who are specifically targeted by the military for enlistment. Therefore, the notion that a society which has no mandatory military draft is somehow better, more free, more moral, more just, is completely false. Such a society is in fact more unjust, unfair, and malevolent. The fact that the children who manage to avoid having to serve in the military do benefit from the lack of a mandatory draft, does not impact upon the reality that such a society is demonstrating greater maliciousness, injustice and unfairness. Folks, it is very important to develop this type of analytical thinking skill, if you wish to be a Superior seeker of Truth. At first glance, even the sincere seeker of Truth, if he is a shallow-minded thinker, as 99.9999999% of all humans are, will immediately jump to the conclusion that a society with no mandatory military draft/service is freer, less malicious, and significantly less oppressive, than a society that does require mandatory military service. Most of you creatures are only capable of shallow thought. But all it takes is the ability to dig deeper, to recognize shallow thought when you experience it, and to refuse to accept the shallow thought as being valid, while you insist upon analyzing the situation by digging down to the very core, the root of the concept. That is where you uncover the real Truth, as I so proudly do in my revelations of thousands of different Forbidden Truths within this Manifesto.

Let us also understand that societies hold out the illusion of "new freedoms" as bargaining chips, when they run into domestic upheaval that they deem to pose a threat to their regimes. I have already discussed the Truth of how american societal leaders chose to initiate the "sexual revolution", an illusion of sexual freedom, in the 1960's, for the specific purpose of trying to divert the attention of young citizen-slaves from the domestic, political issues of racial discrimination, genocidal war policy in Vietnam, etc... This generation of young people were realizing just how incredibly evil and diseased their society was. They were also beginning to organize violent protests that could have, at least in the paranoid opinion of top societal leaders, resulted in a domestic revolution that could have overthrown the american government. As a direct result of this, societal leaders made numerous small cultural modifications, to try and appease and divert the youth from focusing on political/cultural Truth. One of the primary modifications was an overt, publicly undertaken but never acknowledged loosening of sexual fascism decrees under which young people were encouraged and given overt permission to embrace the "free love", sexual "revolution" ideology. Society leaders guessed, quite rightly, that most of the hard core political/ideological "revolutionaries" would abandon their political/ideological "radicalism", and instead plunge into an orgy of sexual, "free love" activity, thus the threat of severe domestic violence, rioting, and possible overthrow of the existing regime, would be and in fact was, eliminated.

Illusions of freedom, worthless forms of pseudo-freedom, are offered as substitutes for real freedom, when a government/society senses itself to be facing a domestic crisis. And this Truth is beautifully applicable to the issue of the american military draft. Between 1940 and 1973, there was a mandatory military draft for all male children in america. In the late 1930's, american societal leaders felt omnipotent. There were literally no domestic challenges or protests of primary governmental doctrine and decree, of any significance. Societal leaders felt they could pretty much do whatever they wanted to their citizen-slaves, with no fear of any type of widespread protest. And so they chose to enact a law requiring every male boy to join in the military. It was the perfect time for them to get away with implementing such an atrocious, fascist law. In 1973 however, things were totally different. Assassinations of top societal leaders had occurred, widespread rioting had occurred. Large segments of the american public had expressed significant anger and hatred at their society during the 1960's and continuing into the 1970's. Societal leaders were busy trying to put an end to the "free love" revolution that they themselves had created a few years earlier for the purpose of diverting the attention of the young, enraged, Truth-seeking folks. It was the perfect time to throw the citizen-slaves a bone, to end the mandatory military draft, and put this policy change forth as demonstrating how gloriously free and tolerant the society was. Reign in the illusion of sexual freedom, replace it with the illusion of the freedom to embrace a pacifistic lifestyle, this was the plan of societal leaders. And as always, it worked just fine, you pathetic sheeple simply move on from one illusion to another, blind to the Truth that you are being denied all of the real, genuine, and True freedoms of life. Utterly pathetic!

Ending the mandatory draft simply required american societal leaders to devote a bit more effort on the brainwashing and deliberately violent child abuse fronts, appeals to patriotic ideology became stronger, as these methods were employed more fervently for the purpose of "convincing" male boys to "decide" to join the military on their own. I'm sure there were no army, navy, air force, or marine television commercials prior to 1973. No need for that, every boy had to agree to massacre complete strangers or get thrown into prison. But by 1974 or 1975, you can bet that a campaign of media brainwashing/coercion, via TV, radio, and/or newspaper/magazine commercials and advertisements touting how "great" life was in the military, had already begun. Was there anything fairer, more moral, more free, about life in fascist america with the military draft eliminated? No, of course not! All this accomplished was to create a climate of brutal class discrimination in which economically disadvantaged youth were targeted, and it actually served to increase the severity of societally sponsored child abuse throughout all of america, as the brainwashing of children via lies regarding how good their society is, how they owe their society a debt, how they need to agree to embrace legal, societally advocated homicidal rage, as well as the degree of abuse, physically violent abuse especially, directly inflicted upon children for the purpose of causing them to develop homicidal rage that military recruiters could then exploit, all increased, became more popular and more severe.

And on top of all this, boy slaves were still perversely required, are still perversely required, to "register with selective service" before their 18th birthday. This massive database, the name, social security number, and address of every male child in america, is kept by the american government/military, and exists for the sole purpose of allowing the government to easily and immediately reinstate the mandatory military draft, and force all male children to once again commit mass murder on it's behalf, under threat of imprisonment. So the illusion of having gained some type of a freedom, when mandatory military service ended, doesn't even hold up as an illusion. It's not even a reality as a pseudo-freedom, because the fascist system is designed in such a way that at a moment's notice, the government has the name, exact location, and identification number of every male child in america, and the government keeps this database for the sole and specific purpose of being able to immediately force all male children to become members of it's military, at any point in time that it chooses. To conclude, there is in reality no such thing as "voluntary" military service. The brutal brainwashing and cultural coercion employed by societies to terroristically convince children to agree to join their militaries, completely invalidates the notion that any child, or for that matter any enlistee of any age, could be making a truly autonomous, voluntary decision. Within a mandatory draft system, all boys are involuntarily forced to become members of the military and embrace the genocidally immoral doctrine of the military system. Within societies that have no mandatory draft system, all children who do enlist have still been involuntarily forced to enlist, via a brutal brainwashing and coercion effort that their society and the government that they live within as child-slaves, has undertaken against them. The degree of brutal, involuntary force that is undertaken in each case, is severe, unjustifiable, and equally immoral.

The military system is without a doubt one of the most deranged and overtly fascist structures to have ever been invented by humanity. Certainly the fact that it specifically targets and utilizes victimized, tortured children as pawns to commit genocide upon each other, is an immoral outrage of the highest order. Amazingly, some societies like america, have had and continue to have the unmitigated audacity to condemn other societies for using "child-soldiers", children aged 10, 11, 13, etc..., in their wars. America has actually claimed the moral high ground in making such condemnations. Ha! How ludicrous! Whether a child is 10 years old or 24 years old, is irrelevant, within the context of military service. The 10 year old is a child, and the 24 year old is a child. It is ludicrous for any sane thinker to believe that a child aged 18, 19, 21, 24, or even 26, is in fact not a child, but rather an adult who possesses the maturity and depth of intellectual perception that is required to make a personal decision as to whether to agree to mass murder complete strangers on behalf of their society. Up until age 21, children are literally slaves, under the laws of america. They enjoy few of the "rights" and even fewer of the so-called "freedoms", that adults enjoy. Now, imagine freeing a slave after 21 years of bondage. Is it possible for the newly freed slave to have the maturity, the depth of philosophical reasoning skills, to leap into a new world of freedom in a day? A week? A month? A year?? No, of course not! It takes years for a former slave to begin to develop the emotional and intellectual depth of thought that is required to truly understand the numerous life paths, and numerous ideological options, that exist, from a mature perspective. Many individuals never develop such insight and maturity, of course. We must keep in mind the scientific Truths about brain development and function as well, which prove beyond all doubt that the vast majority of human beings do not attain genuine and complete mental maturity until their 30's. At the very least, any sane society would recognize that it has absolutely no right, moral or ethical, to allow any child under the age of 28, to serve in it's military. It further has no right to target children via brainwashing and coercion, with propaganda that is designed to make the military seem appealing, desirable, and a way for children to improve their own quality of life in terms of getting a good education, getting a good job, etc... Society has no right to bribe children into joining the military. In some ways, bribery/brainwashing are far more perverse than a mandatory military draft. But the bottom line is this: Every society on planet earth today, targets and enlists children in it's military. Children under the age of 28. These children are then used as pawns to commit genocide and to suffer genocide, by ultra-diseased societies/governments. Every society which does this, proves itself to be equally perverse. The notion that a society is more moral and decent because it requires it's children to be 18 years old before it forces them to commit genocide and endanger their lives, limbs, sanity, and soul, rather than 11 years old, is utterly insane. And in fact even if the minimum age were 21, such a society would have absolutely no claim of moral superiority to a society that uses 11 year old children as soldiers.

The consequences of being forced to participate in the war ritual are genocidally horrific. They involve physically dying, becoming physically crippled for life, becoming mentally crippled, unable to care about other living things, suffering severe, crippling, lifelong emotional and psychological consequences. This is because it is unnatural in every way, intellectually, emotionally, psychologically, for a