The Rise And Fall Of Empires

by Rev. Trench Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2002 at 10:11 PM

Some thoughts on the future of civilisation, from you favorite crazy sci-fi head, moi. Enjoy!

In the various discussion of Anarchism,

this-or-that ism, or whatever, it must not be missed

that America shows all the signs of a declining

empire. Our culture has essentially been stagnant

since the 1950's except for a brief burst of new

vitality during the 60's. And a lot of people were

killed over the few advances that were made. Blacks no

longer have to go to the back of the bus, but a female

who exhibits the mating patterns of a male is still

labelled a slut. (that's mainly religious BS.) And

nobody can smoke weed without living in continual

fear. They won't even trust us to control our own

bodies anymore.

The fact is that this civilisation is going to end

one way or another wether we help it along or not: all

we can really do in my opinon is help each other to

avoid it's worst effects while it is doing so and

wait. It's inevitable. It's being mismanaged into the

ground by people who were invariably born into

positions of power and see no direct connection

between their actions and the political games they

play with each other while in control of all this

machinery and the effects of these decisions on the

society as a whole. There is a term for this in Feudal

societies, which this is no matter what anyone tells

you: Noblesse Noblige Plus. It translates roughly to,

"Nobility Does Not Obligate" and is the opposite of

Noblesse Oblige, or "Nobility Obligates". And much

thanks to Marc Miller, designer of the RPG Traveller,

for supplying me with this tidbit while he was

explaining the decline of his fictional Third Imperium

in his game. It basically means that these people feel

that their positions are supported by invisible hands

and that the party has been running for so long that

they can't even concieve of it ever ending. And thus,

they feel no obligation whatsoever towards the people

that they govern and who make all of their wealth and

priviledge possible and see them only as a means of

maintaining that priviledge for themselves and as toys

that they can occasionally use to their own stupid

purposes and throw away when no longer useful.

Frankly, Syndicalism is a great way to show them that

unless they treat their workers properly then their

priviledge will end or be usurped. But just TRY

forming a union in today's environment...

BTW, I think all prostitues should unionize like

in Australia and other countries where it is legal.

That way they could keep all the proceeds for

themselves and blow off the pimps who are just running

a protection racket on them anyway. If they form

collectives and have guns, then they can protect

themselves adequately enough.

My silly thoughts for the day...



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