Bush Daddy Realizations

by Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenge Saturday, Aug. 03, 2002 at 1:05 PM
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What a fool believes!

My Daddy said that Bush Daddy and all of his followers recognize only those things that will benefit their perverted form of Zionism (132033). Note that there has been a lot of publicity about a theft of biological materials from Cornell after what I wrote about the security of laboratories in "Bush Daddy Alert" (194653). This probably serves to detract from what Bush Daddy has revealed about Secret Service obtaining most of Saddam Hussein's stockpile of Anthrax and other chemical warfare substances after the Persian Gulf War and using it to make manifest a "Fools' World Order" (104469). Almost everything that comes out of the Coprophagic Pro-gay Zionistic mainstream media seems to benefit Bush Daddy Tribe. Since Bush Daddy revealed that Lance Armstrong never really had cancer, I would like to see the proof of those who contend that he had cancer. Was it all a plot of BDT to play with your prostrate or your testicles? On the educational front, the Bush Administration seems to have given up bragging about Bush Daddy's illiterate kid's Ivy League education in favor of bragging about his MBA. Did the place that gave him an MBA confirm that he had a BA? BA presumably stands for Bachelor of Arts in Economics, not Big Ass. It appears that many formerely venerable publications are publishing propaganda for the benefit of "Bush Daddy's Third Reich" (174299). Bush Daddy said that history would tell his story, so lets take a look at the probable truth behind the Iran-Contra Affair.

In short the Iran-Contra Affair concerned the use of profits from the sale of arms to Iran to support the Contras, rebels who opposed the Sandinista Regime in Nicaragua. Consider that this happpened around the time that Reagan convinced Gorbachev to "tear that wall down" most likely because there was no clear line between good and evil if the Niggardly Asinine Zionists Idiots were everywhere. So there was the wishy-washy Bush Daddy on the sidelines, terrified that someone was going to probe his sordid mind and find out that he knew about this money going to the Contras. From the uprisings in Argentina to Abimael Guzman's Marxist guerillas in Peru to the Contras in Nicaragua, all were probably Third Reich movements of the "Serpent" that is Zionism. They get exposed. They change their name. They move on and keep it up. What surprised me was that this Contra Affair apparently resulted in a massive influx of Salvadorans into Washington, D.C., for the money was probably used to finance their illegal immigration. I now realize that many of these Salvadorans who I worked with at DAKA Food Service at Gallaudet University (50914) were probably illegal immigrants, using the Social Security numbers (28830) of victims of the "Concealed Holocaust" (35206 & 24603). From talking to them I realized that they were involved with the Contra movement, working from El Salvador, the most densely populated Central American nation. They were apparently compelled to leave El Salvador as a result of their Contra activities. Since some of the Salvadorans at Gallaudet spoke Portuguese, I realized that they may have originally come from Salvador (Bahia) in Brazil. That explains the extreme censorship of my articles on Brazil and Colombia IMCs. Since Bahia was a center for the slave trade in South America, that is probably a sign that the "Serpent" has been active there for a long time. The illegal immigration of the Salvadorans here is a scenario that is probably repeated with Niggardly Asinine Zionist Idiots from many other countries. They get by with their stolen SS#s by convincing their employers not to withhold any money for taxes. I bet that there are millions of illegal immigrants collecting tax-free pay this way. They are apparently programmed to use their stolen SS#s as "visas", and they contend that these SS#s are proof that they have the right to be here. The government must be blind not to detect workforces that are not paying taxes. All of Granada Corporation (51259 & 51602) probably does the same as DAKA did with illegal immigrants. I wonder what kind of retirement plan Bush Daddy Tribe has for them.

Out of the stupidity that characterizes BDT comes the plaintive cry that they have been victimized when someone makes them realize that their genuine or professed stupidity has been concealing their crimes. The dunces of BDT actually feel justified in killing innocent people who were not opposing them (186353; James 5:6); and at places like Cornell they have cultivated stupidity to such an extent that the murderous morons always have plenty of morons to back them up (Prov. 26:4). As a result of observing the behavior of the Messiah-wannabes of this area (31133, 36936, 43985, 46236, & 180797); one can see that they probably all entered this country illegally, whether they came with the Gar-Gan Tribe following World War II or as Contras, posing as Salvadorian refugees. More are joining them every day as hackers who are "blockading" IMC sites in Eugene, Utah, Ithaca, Rochester, or Central Florida, for they are attempting to duplicate the Nazi takeover of the media in Germany. Some of BDT might meet up with Gad (189161), bringing the "Dwelling of Violence" (44378) back on their own heads; but most of them will probably find themselves preferring death to life (Jer. 8:3). Don't forget that the Third Reich is a holy pursuit of the "Master Race" to be God's chosen people. To accomodate this pursuit, genuine religious festivals will take place in Hooterville (29190 & 102423) where BDT will bear their shame for having trespassed against Him (Ez. 39:26). I bet that they can even get a new SS# there. Whatever the case, it is probable that BDT can be enabled to realize this holy pursuit by allowing them to continue their pursuit of iniquity (Prov. 11:19), which will lead them to the ultimate realization. Really!

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenger

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