There,s a child killer loose in Chicago,s NW suburbs

by Willis Earl Wilson Friday, Jul. 19, 2002 at 1:15 AM 904 778 - 4343

For 18 yrs. the Schaumburg Illinois Police Dept. is involved in a criminal conspiricy ....... ...... false imprisonment, Deviate sexual assault, Rape and Murder of young women in the suburbs of Chicago.

Schaumburg Illinois is a very trendy, fashionable
suburb26mi. NW of Chicago. [ Cook County ]
The Detective division to internal affairs to the high command of the Schaumburg Police dept. is dirty and has been for 18 yrs.

To avoid embarassment, politics, etc. the Schaumburg Police and others allow low life to assault
and knife to death women and children at will.

[ 7/85 ] unsolved Rape and homocide of a little
Glen Ellyn Illinois girl ]

I,ve been after the Schaumburg Police for 16 yrs.

"Sue the Bastards Blind"

Willis Earl Wilson former U S M C